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다비 DAVII The 3rd Mini Album ?=2 Today
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Only three months after the release of his previous album, ?=1 RE:new, singer-songwriter DAVII returns with the uplifting five track mini-album, ?=2 Today. He continues to showcase his incredible talent of storytelling and illustrating vibrant, flowing themes through his masterful melodies and meaningful lyrics. The intimate album touches on the concept of “today,” explaining that inability to get back time once it passes by. 

The R&B Jazz singer aims to be an “answer” to fans by providing meaning and a foundation to lean on. Earlier this week he held an intimate online showcase to perform the unreleased tracks and dive into the album’s meaning. In casual clothing surrounded by production equipment, he began the broadcast with the beautifully crafted piano introduction track, “Nightmare.” Embodying the feeling of waking up from a sullen dream to then sitting in a state of reflection, the atmosphere turns somber and introspective. The instrumental piano creates a subtle epiphany moment to propel the album into the following track.

Before beginning his next piece, DAVII took a moment to greet fans and introduce himself, both in Korean and English to appeal to fans worldwide. He then transitioned into “Good Morning,” an upbeat track that encourages listeners to “be strong be bold” and be willing to take chances in order to live a fulfilling life. The song boasts an explosive jazzy introduction that transitions into flashy tones, bright synths, and a riveting violin ensemble. The concept of a “good morning” not only illustrates the beginning of a new day, but the beginning of the rest of your life.

Seamlessly flowing into the next track, “Good Night,” DAVII plays with the theme of fleeting time, forcing fans to acknowledge the importance of immediately seizing a moment when presented. The track incorporates illusory, dreamy synths and a wavy melody to create a ruminative atmosphere. The recurring idea of wind when singing, “It’s windy / Where are you coming from? / Where are you going?” compares the fragility and delicacy of time and the moments with those around us with that of the passing breeze.

DAVII explained that ?=2 Today’s theme revolved around the idea that “the day that will never come back.” The concept allows fans to recognize that life’s moments slip away as easy as time, making it vital to make the most of every chance and opportunity presented. He continued on to dive into the individual tracks, stating “Good Morning” acts as a morning alarm and “Good Night” embodies the moments of falling to sleep after a long day. He went on to brief the next track, “Flying with you (Feat. YOUHA),” a wondrous track personifying the moments spent dreaming. During the online showcase he performed the track solo, providing fans an opportunity to experience the song in a more raw, stripped down form in comparison to the studio version’s elegant and light piano instrumentals and graceful harmonies. 

Wrapping up the album, “OUTRO” offers a tasteful jazz piano instrumental to give fans a moment to sit, reflect, and experience an epiphany of their own.

DAVII’s ?=2 Today consists of melodies and lyrics that exude a beauty and elegance that hypnotizes fans and forces self reflection. On March 26, DAVII will be performing a concert titled DAY&NIGHT at the Rolling Hall in Seoul, South Korea. The setlist consists of a number of newer songs as well as a few of his favorite tracks such as “Jamie Cullum” and “Don’t play me love.”

Stay tuned for our upcoming coverage from the show and make sure to stream ?=2 Today on all streaming platforms!

다비 DAVII The 3rd Mini Album ?=2 Today
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