[INTERVIEW] AB6IX Talks Concerts, ‘COMPLETE WITH YOU,’ and Who Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

AB6IX Talks Concerts, COMPLETE WITH YOU, and Who Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Building on last year’s success with an already impressive 2022, AB6IX continues to display their rich talents and devotion to fans with the release of their latest album, COMPLETE WITH YOU, the celebration of their 1000th day, and the completion of their first offline concert in two years. 

The powerhouse, self-producing group made up of Woong, Woojin, Donghyun, and Daehwi followed their 2021 hit album, MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM, with the release of their intimate, genre hopping ensemble COMPLETE WITH YOU. The five track mini-album consists of four solo songs to highlight each individual member’s talents and musical specialties, and an upbeat title track performed by all members, acting as an ode to fans. From the cheerful melody of the title track, “1,2,3,” to the emotionally jarring ballad “IN YOUR EYES,” AB6IX showcased their ability to skillfully create and execute a variety of different sounds and feelings.

Throughout the pandemic, AB6IX worked to strengthen their bond with fans through means of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and VLive, but nothing could make up for the group’s lack of in-person interaction and desire to perform. Left with an ABNEW-sized hole in their hearts, the members continued to work hard, longing for the days of hearing and seeing their fans face-to-face. Finally, the chance to perform in front of fans presented itself, and on the weekend of February 26, AB6IX traded in their strictly virtual relationship to take the stage in front of ABNEW. 

The Kpopconcerts team recently had the opportunity to dive in with AB6IX to discuss their latest release, emotions prior and following their performances, who they think has the best apocalyptic survival skills, and more!

AB6IX 'Complete with You' cover art

KPC: COMPLETE WITH YOU feels like a deeper look into each of you as individual artists as well as a group. How would you say each of your personalities, emotions, and approaches to music contributed to the project?

Woong: We completed this project with the mindset that we genuinely wanted to present good music to ABNEW.

Donghyun: Each of us were able to try a style of music that we’ve been wanting to try or show a new side of ourselves through our solo tracks on this album.

Woojin: We created this music based on feelings that we are constantly experiencing memorable moments and the feelings that were associated with those moments, and just things that had been on our minds.

Daehwi: One of the strengths of AB6IX is that each member knows how to produce music. COMPLETE WITH YOU was a product of this. This album itself is very distinct because the type of music that each member wants to pursue, and the type of music that each member is good at, is very distinct.

KPC: What are each of your favorite genres to both sing and listen to? Who are some of your favorite artists?

Woong: I tend to enjoy pop music or J-POP. I like too many artists to choose a favorite.

Donghyun: I actually enjoy all genres, but I think I listen to band music and R&B the most. Lately, I’ve been listening to an artist called KIMMUSEUM the most.

Woojin: I like hip-hop and R&B ballads. The artists that I like are Zico, G-Dragon, and Ash Island.

Daehwi: I try to listen to a variety of music. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to listen to a lot of dance music in preparation for our concert, but I’ve actually been gravitating towards the opposite style of music lately, like jazz or other calm music.

KPC: How did the creative process of this album differ from your previous work?

Daehwi: I would say that the biggest difference is that each member has a solo track in this album. Each member was able to show the type of music that they wanted to try throughout this album.

KPC: What is your favorite track on the album and why?

Woong: IN YOUR EYES, because Daehwi’s vocal tone really shines in this song, and the lyrics really hit home.

Donghyun: “1, 2, 3.” I like this song because it feels like a New Year’s gift for our fans.

Woojin: IN YOUR EYES, because the lyrics touch my heart and the song itself is very good.

Daehwi: ‘1, 2, 3.’ Maybe it’s because it’s the title song, but I feel the most attachment to this song.

Cr. AB6IX’s official Twitter

KPC: With concerts finally returning, how did it feel to finally host your own and see your fans? How did you feel leading up to the performances and how do you feel now that they’re completed?

Woong: Leading up to the concert, I was in a constant state of nervousness, and I wondered, “Can I do this?” Now that it’s over and I had so much fun, I want to do it again, and I am so thankful to ABNEW. 

Donghyun: We were seeing our fans for the first time in a long time, and I was so thankful to our fans for waiting for us. I was so happy throughout the entire show. After the show, I fell asleep happy, imagining the next time we would see our fans.

Woojin: It was very emotional and I was so thankful. I received a lot of strength from our fans, and it was a chance for me to be refreshed and revitalized. Even amidst the pandemic, it gave me hope that we would be face-to-face with our fans again soon.

Daehwi: I was very nervous leading up to the show. It was our first concert in 2 years and 3 months, and because it had been so long since we had met with our fans, I was nervous to perform in front of an audience. Now that it’s over, I feel relieved and I received so much positive energy from our fans.

KPC: Has the time away from live performances changed your perspective or approach?

Woong: Because we are missing ABNEW more and more every day, we perform with the thought that we need to give it our all during each and every performance.

KPC: Which songs or stages were your favorite to perform?

Woong: ABNEW’s surprise event during our ENCORE performance was very touching.

Donghyun: Our ENCORE performance was the most memorable. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw our fans’ surprise event.

Woojin: I enjoyed performing HOLLYWOOD again for the first time in a while, and I also enjoyed my solo performance because I had been looking forward to it.

Daehwi: Our fans seem to like when we perform DOWN FOR YOU. We hadn’t performed a song like that in a while, so I’m glad that it seemed like our fans enjoyed the performance, and I was very thankful.

Cr. AB6IX’s Official Twitter

KPC: You’re kicking off the year strong with COMPLETE WITH YOU, your two offline concerts, and celebrating your 1000th day celebration (congratulations!!). What are some goals or dreams that you are chasing for the year to come?

Woong: I hope that our members stay healthy and strong, and I would like AB6IX to become more widely known.

Donghyun: I would like AB6IX’s music to be heard by more ABNEW, and more people in the general public.

Woojin: We will try our best to come out with more music and to show more sides to ourselves.

Daehwi: I hope that each members’ wishes come true this year, and I hope that we can tour overseas. I hope that we get the opportunity to meet our overseas ABNEW soon.

KPC: Looking back at the past 1000 days, how have you seen yourselves grow and develop as both individuals and as a group? Who do you think has changed the most since debut?

Woong: I think I have changed the most. When we first debuted, standing in front of a camera was embarrassing and new to me. Now, I enjoy being on camera and I enjoy speaking on camera.

Donghyun: I think all of us have changed. I’m happy to see that not only have our appearances been improving, but our skills as well.

Woojin: Each member is always working to grow and improve, but I think I have changed the most.

Daehwi: I think the attitude with which I approach music and performances has changed. My desire to approach each performance with sincerity and in my best condition has only grown. I think the member that has changed the most is Woong hyung.

KPC: Over the span of your career together as a group, you have created quite an impressive discography. Which project do you think best represents AB6IX? How so?

Woong: Our debut album. I feel that it best represents us because it was the first album that we presented to our ABNEW.

Donghyun: Our SALUTE album. I think we showed a variety of different performances, as well as songs from a variety of different genres in that album.

Woojin: I think each of our albums best represents us. We put in our best effort on each album so that any of them could be chosen as the album that best represents us.

Daehwi: I think that our debut album, B:COMPLETE, is still the album that best represents us. The reception was great and our fans really enjoyed that album.

KPC: What are some hobbies or skills that you would want to pick up if you had time?

Woong: I want to learn kickboxing and Spanish.

Donghyun: I want to learn jiu jitsu or boxing.

Woojin: I want to learn how to snowboard or how to cook.

Daehwi: I want to learn more professionally about singing so that I can give vocal lessons to my juniors in the future.

Cr. AB6IX’s Official Twitter

KPC: The drama All of Us Are Dead has recently gone global. Have you seen it? If there were to be a zombie apocalypse, who out of the four of you would be the most likely and least likely to make it out. Why? What would your game plan/strategy be?

Woong: Most likely- Woojin. I think he will save me from the zombies. Least likely- me. I think I will become a zombie on the way to the bathroom.

Donghyun: I think I would try the hardest to solve the issue. The other members are scared of everything, so they would probably just hide.

Woojin: I watched the drama. Most likely- me. Least likely- Woong. I think he would be too scared. My strategy would be to kill all of the zombies.

Daehwi: Would zombies ever exist? I don’t think so. Rather than thinking about how to kill zombies, I think my priority is to figure out how I’m going to live my life right now. If zombies appear, I will just die LOL.

KPC: So what is next for AB6IX? Do you have anything planned for the upcoming year?

Donghyun: I want to meet both Korean and overseas fans and sing and dance for them.

Woojin: I plan to try things I haven’t been able to try, and show things that I’ve been wanting to show.

KPC: Finally, is there anything you want to say to ABNEW? 

Woong: We weren’t able to see ABNEW for such a long time because of the pandemic, but thank you for waiting for us and continuing to support us! I will become a Woong that always tries my hardest! I love you!❤

Donghyun: Not a day goes by when I don’t think about ABNEW. I will try my best so that we can give you good music and show good sides to myself. I will become an artist that excels in many areas.

Woojin: Thank you for always giving me strength and being my driving force. I will become an artist that you can be proud of! Thank you, always~

Daehwi: ABNEW~ We finished our concert without a hitch! I received enough strength from you all to make good things happen throughout this year! Stay healthy, and I hope we can see each other more frequently this year~ I love you!

Thank you so much to AB6IX, Brand New Music, and Warner Korea for the opportunity to conduct this interview and Nahri L. for the translations!


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