Seori “Can’t Stop This Party” in Newest Hypnotic Digital Single

Known for her comprehensive story-telling and world-building, singer and creator Seori dropped her 5th digital single, “Can’t Stop This Party,” on March 20 that once again delivered her thoughtful and artistic innovation with her signature vocals. Together with ATISPAUS and 88rising, Seori shared the release first at an international online press showcase followed by a live performance and artist Q&A with worldwide press and fans in attendance. Written by Seori and globally acclaimed writers Chloe Angelides, Joseph Bryn Kearns, Treyshun Campbell, the all-English track subverts expectation and perception to deliver a memorable tune about losing oneself at a never-ending party.

On paper, the title and lyric “Can’t Stop This Party” seem to indicate an upbeat high-energy track that fuels an endless party. Instead, the singer-songwriter and her team have built a hypnotic, atmospheric, lofi pop alternaverse of bass-heavy electronic dance music. Over slow-moving piano chords, Seori’s airy vocals weave in and out in tightly-knit harmonies accompanied by weighty bass that sounds like an echo of a party far away.

In the official visualizer, a cartoon Seori stands in the middle of a violet-lit train while bodies garbed in black and white dance and writhe around her. It gives the illusion that she herself is speeding along with the train while the partygoers around her are left in slow motion. To note, Seori particularly loves purple hues, and this is reflected in the lighting and her blue-purple gradient hair in the visualizer.

Both Seori’s verse and chorus are composed with mesmerizing consistency that could be repeated in a hypnotic loop. The chorus’ echoed lyrics and catchy melody are cheekily crafted to replay in the mind long after it has ended. Despite the repetitive nature of both lyric, melody, and visualizer, the ambience created feels more like an escape than a prison. It is Seori’s dreamy vocals that accomplish this freedom as her voice intertwines with itself in a haunting melody. At one point, the bass and beat fade away, leaving her simple, open, and wordless harmonies to float until they find purchase once again on the rhythm of the party.


During the global-facing release, Seori performed her new  single for the press, but most importantly for Seoro, her fans. To them she expressed, “The song holds the excitement and the expectations of going wherever you want after overcoming sadness.” With mic in hand, Seori’s hopeful message was shared with an endearing smile. Her radiant happiness was felt by Seoro from all over the world who were in attendance both on and offline. Seori believes she has cultivated such a diverse following because of her many collaborations with global artists and her music’s style matching global tastes. Her drive and talent has earned her a place on the global stage with an impressive appearance as the first female Korean artist to perform on the Grammy’s Global Spin series as well as a feature on the track “Warriors“ with Warren Hue for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: The Album, executive produced by 88rising.

This release and listening party marks her first showcase, and Seori found herself both nervous and excited to meet her fans in person. In between each performance of “The Long Night,” “Lovers in the Night,” and her latest digital release “Can’t Stop This Party,” the artist answered questions, played games, shared a photo essay book, and interacted with fans, never losing the smile on her face. Her energetic, live presence eased the sadness of anyone listening, as was her original intention with “Can’t Stop This Party.”

At the showcase Seori shared, “This comeback is a new experience and a challenge for me. My goal for this year is for more people to know me through my improved music.” With her indubitable global footprint, 12 million streams of “Lovers in the Night” on Spotify, and the artistic vision she’s nurtured since her teens, Seori is as unstoppable as her party.

Be sure to check out “Can’t Stop This Party” on all streaming platforms and watch the visualizer linked below!

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