Ailee Wants You to “Make Up Your Mind”

After seven months since her last release, Ailee unveiled the music video for one of or double lead singles, “Make Up Your Mind“!

On May 7, Ailee released her pre-release album, LOVIN’ supported by double title tracks, “Make Up Your Mind” and “Spring Flowers.” The album serves as the second chapter of a trilogy about Ailee’s journey to discovering the perfect version of herself. While the previous mini album, I’M, was about how the songstress’ felt incomplete and empty, LOVIN’ focuses on the steps to finding her own color by presenting herself in different ways. 

“Make Up Your Mind” is about a young couple who harbor feelings for each other, but the man tries (and fails) to hide it. Not wanting to beat around the bush any longer, the woman confronts her crush and takes the lead, “Don’t waste my time. Baby make up your mind.” The song starts off slow and steady and then adopts a mid-tempo trap-like beat as she boldly and maturely addresses their relationship. 

In the music video, Ailee and her love interest (played by actor Park Eun Suk) travel to a picturesque coastline for a fun day at the beach. Following the video’s release, Ailee shared a fun fact on her Instagram story: the entire “Make Up Your Mind” was filmed solely on-iPhones! 

Want to see for yourself? Check out Ailee’s “Make Up Your Mind” music video below and stream the album on Spotify!

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