Multi-Talented Hitmaker SHAUN Releases New Singles Project ‘#0055b7’

The multi-talented, singer-songwriter and hitmaker, SHAUN, who rose to global prominence and mainstream fame for his 2018 chart-topping, mega-hit, “Way Back Home,” made his much anticipated comeback with his new singles project titled, “#0055b7.” The project arrived nearly two years after his August 2019 EP, “36.5,” and is his first album release since completing his mandatory military service.

“#005b7” is the hex color code for “blue,” a color associated with “sadness and depression” and serves as the key color and theme for the project. It’s supported by two lead singles – “BLUE” featuring rising rap star Wonstein and “Closed Ending.” Both self produced by SHAUN himself, the songs convey the same, gloomy feelings of heartache, but expressed in different ways.

“BLUE” (feat. Wonstein)

“BLUE” is a feel-good track that boasts a rhythmic groovy vibe juxtaposed by the feelings of emptiness and regret in an unhappy relationship. The opening lines go, “Why do you always yell at me like that? / Why do you always have to leave like that?” expressing the singer’s frustration during a lover’s quarrel. In the chorus he tries to continue on with his daily life, “Wake up alone, eat alone, not so bad / Walk alone sleeping alone not so sad” but in truth, he can’t help but still “feel so blue.” The song features a charismatic rap verse from Show Me The Money contestant Wonstein, adding a refreshing tone to the otherwise melancholic song.

In the music video, doll-sized SHAUN is entrapped in a blue box (a metaphor of his sadness) by his assumed girlfriend. Although he cuts up magazines to try and recreate an image of her, he can’t help but still wallow in his depression. As striking as his rap appears in the song, Wonstein appears with a moving van filled with other blue boxes. He picks up SHAUN’s box and drives him to the shoreline where he finally sets the singer free of his imprisonment.


“Closed Ending” is a melodic jam with a repetitive melody and guitar chords, reminiscent of “Way Back Home.” The song’s overall message can be summed up in the following lyrics, “We repeat the same stories all over again / try to write down again / but our last chapter is / already written down / an unavoidable closed ending.” Like a young adult novel that you can’t put down, it touches on the excitement and grief when recalling a past relationship. You already know how it ends, yet you read it chapter by chapter as you recall the fond memories to eventual heartbreak.

The music video’s quirky storyline follows a young woman who is fascinated by aliens and outer space. When a strange phenomena temporarily brings her shag blanket to life, the young woman works to find the source of the strange energy in hopes of bringing her security blanket back to life once again.

Cr. Warner Music

The critically-acclaimed, 31-year-old artist, who first debuted in 2010 as part of an indie-rock band THE KOXX, has been crafting hit singles for top-selling K-Pop artists, including EXO, BTS, Epik High, Younha, etc while also launching a successful solo career via debut album, Take, which went viral for its title track “Way Back Home.” Since then, he has continued to earn accolades with EPs like “An-Nyeong” and “36.5” ―  becoming one of Korea’s best-selling and most streamed artists with 3.4 billion streams worldwide. A craftsman in his own right, SHAUN strives to return all of the love and support by continuing to produce great pieces, and he surely will never disappoint!

Following the release of his new project, SHAUN plans to actively promote this year as he is working on multiple collaboration projects with a wide range of K-Pop stars.

Stream #0055b7 below!

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