Eric Nam and Sarah Barrios Debut Live Performance of “Have We Met Before”

After releasing their single just last week, Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam released the first-ever live performance of their new song, “Have We Met Before.”

The video was filmed at The Village, a famous recording studio based in Los Angeles, CA, and uploaded onto Sarah’s Youtube channel. Fans of both artists flocked to the video and left  words of praise and appreciation for the soothing song and their angelic vocals that seem to fit perfectly with one another. 

In the live performance, Sarah and Eric showcase their natural chemistry as they face one another and belt out the song’s heart wrenching lyrics of the longing of two star-crossed lovers. The moment feels intimate, as if viewers are watching a meet-cute scene from a romantic film play out in front of them. Like a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly night, this performance will surely warm viewers’ hearts.

Check out the live performance and stream “Have We Met Before” on Spotify below:

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