AB6IX Releases “Walking in The Rain” for Brand New Music’s ‘TEN PROJECT’

AB6IX for their single "Walking in The Rain" for the Brand New Music 'TEN PROJECT'
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AB6IX is the fourth artist to participate in Brand New Music’s “TEN PROJECT” with the release of the single, “Walking in The Rain.”

The “TEN PROJECT” is a special single project to commemorate Brand New Music’s 10th anniversary by revisiting some of the label’s masterpieces from the last decade with some updated, modern twists. Earlier singles released under this project include Verbal Jint and Hanhae’s Good Morning” (feat. Wonstein), Lee Eunsang and BDC‘s “Hole in Your Face,” and San E and Raina‘s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness: Summer Again.”

AB6IX’s “Walking in the Rain” is the group’s rendition of Verbal Jint and Bumkey’s 2013 hit single. “It’s a song that I’ve always loved. I listen to this song a lot,” said AB6IX’s Donghyun in the “AB6IX ‘Walking In The Rain’ Making Film.” “It was an honor to be able to cover this masterpiece ‘Walking In The Rain’ with AB6IX’s own color.” 

AB6IX’s Daehwi, alongside the label’s production team Boombastic, reinvented the song by adding in new parts while maintaining the original’s funky and groovy essence. “A melody line that’s not in the original song was added. We rewrote the top line again,” said Daehwi. “It’s more rhythmical and more K-Pop-like.”

Listen to AB6IX’s “Walking in The Rain” on Spotify and check out the music video, below!

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