LØREN Shows Us What We “NEED (ooo-eee)” with New Single

album art for Loren's single "Need"
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Singer-songwriter and producer, LØREN, recently released the emo rock single “NEED (ooo-eee),” accompanied by a fiery, grunge music video. Being only the second single following his debut track in 2020  “Empty Trash,” the multitalented artist shows his fearlessness to trendset and revive a dormant genre with his nostalgic, pop rock aura.

Before emerging as a soloist, LØREN worked as a producer for THEBLACKLABEL, contributing to the production of “Lovesick Girls,” “Pretty Savage,” and “You Never Know,” for internationally known idol group BLACKPINK, as well as collaborated with YG Entertainment’s G-Dragon on the track “개소리” under his DJ name Cawlr. He now releases music and works as a soloist under FIRE EXIT RECØRDS, a subsidiary of THEBLACKLABEL.

Completely written, produced, and composed by LØREN, “NEED (ooo-eee)” transports listeners back to the peak of punk rock with sounds similar to that of Green Day and Blink-182 with a catchy, rough chorus, husky vocals, and use of a three-chord guitar. The punk rock singer expresses his internal pull towards all things destructive with the lines, “I need / Cold hearts / Black tar / Wrong cause (and a little bit of sadness) / Crowbars / Neon cars / Dead stars (and a little bit of madness)”. The lyrics explain that although completely aware of the effects these decisions will have on him, he can’t help but be drawn to them. Hinting towards angered and saddened emotions, he explains lingering repercussions and emotional baggage left from a breakup. Singing “Skeletons in the closet / Monsters in the mirror / Spit in the iron cage / Guess it’s not that easy though,” he shows us a raw, unfiltered perspective into the damage left behind.

Visually, the music video showcases the one man band, Løren, transforming from lead singer, to guitarist, to drummer from one scene to the next throughout the video. The multi-instrumentalist demonstrates his versatility and his ability to make a name for himself without the assistance of others. Beginning the video in a composed manner, he gradually becomes more agitated and aggressive until he ultimately begins destroying the setting around him and lighting it on fire.

A voice full of angst, LØREN provides an anthem for the heartbroken that harbor an internal magnet towards self deprecation. Catchy vocals and unique yet relatable lyrics showcase LØREN’s ability to give fans what they didn’t know they needed.

Make sure to stream “NEED (ooo-eee)” and watch the music video below:

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