Jackson Wang Pours His Heart Out in Tragic “Drive You Home” Music Video

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After the success of “LMLY,” the first single he released since leaving JYP Entertainment, Jackson Wang finally followed up with “Drive You Home” on July 29, 2021. Jackson Wang, most known for being a member of the internationally renowned K-Pop idol boy group GOT7, continues to show his versatility as a solo artist with each musical release.

“Drive You Home” is a heart-wrenching song about wanting to protect and stay with your loved one despite the relationship being over. The song samples the 1984 single “Drive” by The Cars, but is modernized with the hip-hop beats and Jackson’s underrated, powerful vocals. It debuted and peaked at #32 on the American iTunes Chart and charted in 8 different countries with more than 11 million views on Youtube.

Jackson joins forces with Internet Money Records, the record producer collective and record label focused on creating beats for other artists with dozens of songs charting on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to songwriting and composing, Jackson took an active part in screenwriting, producing and directing the music video with filmmaker Mamesjao. Mamesjao is most known for his previous work with 88Rising and Jackson’s single “LMLY.” Through “Drive You Home,” Jackson shows us what it means to truly take part in every step of the artistic process.

The music video opens up with a dandy, clean-cut Jackson in a suit. Slowly zooming out, the camera shows that he is just one of many, anonymous people working at a corporate office. We see him get hired and set up his new desk while he looks longingly at a photo of a girl as the lyrics reminisce of a picturesque past love.

Immediately, as the tempo of the song picks up, we are transported to the outside streets with the dapper Jackson reversing into a bloodied, distressed version of himself as his smile and joy disappear with each step backwards. The drumline intensifies and instrumental builds as the well put together Jackson transforms into a vulnerable and marred mess on the floor.

When the chorus hits, we are taken to earlier in the night when Jackson is thrown out by security guards onto the street. The look in his eyes are simultaneously empty and pained as he sings the lyrics “who’s gonna drive you home” and “who is gonna dry your eyes” to his former love. Diving further in his pain, we continue to reverse time to see Jackson dealing with his pain by drinking, fighting with others and endangering himself. 

The beaten-up Jackson then walks through traffic in a fragile state. As the song reaches its climax, Jackson performs a dynamic dance break as he belts the chorus. The focus is then shifted to his emotional vocals as the music is stripped down to reflect him finally confronting his situation as he breaks down in front of a fiery car wreck. 

It’s the girl from the photo in his arms! The person he has been mourning over is the girl from the beginning of the video who is revealed to have died in a car accident. We then see the happy moments of the couple leading right up to the unfortunate car accident, concluding the story told in reverse.

In just four minutes, Jackson takes his audience on an emotional journey filled to the brim with tragedy and suspense. The internet is wild with differing fan theories of what exactly the music video means. Ultimately, it is up to the individual viewer’s interpretation but certainly, the overall consensus is that the storytelling, vocals and visuals were exceptional and Jackson again proves why he is one of the most well rounded artists in the industry.

Check out Jackson Wang’s “Drive You Home” music video and stream the song on Spotify!

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