Nam Woohyun Announces Second Fan Meeting ‘Namu Company New Year Workshop’

Infinite‘s Nam Woohyun will be holding his second fan meeting in January!

2022 NAM WOO HYUN FAN MEETING [Namu Company New Year Workshop]‘ is a two-day, in-person fan meeting that will be held in the KBS Arena from Saturday, January 22 to Sunday, January 23.

The fan meeting will be Woohyun’s first fan meeting in two years and three months since his unprecedented 2019 fan meeting that was humorously (and accurately) titled, ‘The Fan Meeting Scheduled on Short Notice Because Namu Begged for It.’

Woohyun, who was discharged from military service in August, held an online concert in October called ‘Arbor Day, On‘ where he was able to virtually interact with his global fans.

Ticket Information

2022 NAM WOO HYUN FAN MEETING [나무컴퍼니 신년워크샵]

Tickets to ‘2022 NAM WOO HYUN FAN MEETING [Namu Company New Year Workshop]‘ will go sale on Monday, December 27 at 8PM (KST). All seats are priced at 66,000KRW. Additional ticket information will be released soon.

Check out Woohyun’s latest music video “Calm & Passion” and stream his fourth EP With, below!

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