MyMusicTaste Announces Dreamcatcher’s Free Showcase for Upcoming Album

Here’s your chance to watch Dreamcatcher’s showcase live from the comfort of your own home!

Presented by MyMusicTaste, DREAMCATCHER ROAD TO UTOPIA SHOWCASE will be streamed for free on Tuesday, January 26 at 3PM (KST) / Monday, January 25 at 10PM (PST) on InSomnias and any prospective viewers will need to sign-in or create an account in order to watch the event. 

DREAMCATCHER ROAD TO UTOPIA SHOWCASE will commemorate not only the release of Dreamcatcher’s sixth mini-album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia, but also the group’s first official comeback since Handong’s return to the group. Handong, who holds a Wuhan passport, was in China during the COVID-19 outbreak and was unable to return to Korea until late last year where she participated in Dreamcatcher’s Seven Spirits online concert. With OT7 back together again, InSomnias are eagerly anticipating the septet’s upcoming album and future promotions.

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