CRAVITY’s Perfect Teamwork Shines Through in Newly Released 3rd Album

CRAVITY, are jumping headfirst into the new year with the release of their 3rd album, SEASON3. “HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE.”

Cr. Starship Entertainment

The title track “My Turn” is a song that demonstrates the great passion and ambition of CRAVITY, a rising star of K-Pop. The music video expresses their desire for victory and the race to get there; showcasing overwhelming visual beauty with dynamic movement and intense energy through “basketball” and “racing,” which are sports symbolizing speed. EXY from Cosmic Girls (WJSN) was in charge of writing the lyrics, and Korean hitmaker Ryan S. Jhun (Twice, Red Velvet) participated in the production. Since their debut in April of only last year, CRAVITY has marked their relentless movement, sweeping the rookie of the year awards at various music awards ceremonies in Korea. Even with only two albums, their achievements were more than enough to show their presence in the K-Pop scene, giving them the title of “2020 Super rookie.”

Cr. Starship Entertainment

The third season of CRAVITY’s HIDEOUT’ series depicts the journey and process of “them,” who used to be different, becoming “us” through empathy for each other. While Season 1 “HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE” represented CRAVITY throwing their hat into the ring to mark their great beginning, Season 2 “HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO” featured “The passion and desire of boys against the new world.” 

Now, ‘CRAVITY SEASON3. “HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE” is ready to connect the members together; the times when they were trainees running nonstop to achieve their dream, the dream of their debut finally coming true, and the times and memories after they were given the name CRAVITY. With all the stories behind their rough journey towards new boundaries and various emotions that they felt, the album will fully immerse listeners into their world. In their journey, the members realize that their presence means something important, and that they can be a consolation to the other. The name CRAVITY that they were given, and called for the past nine months, exists because there were fans who supported them. With their music, the members are ready to prove the value of their existence again. In addition, SERIMALLEN, and WONJIN were all given lyric writing credits on this album, raising expectations for self-producing in the future.

Check out the album, below!

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