[INTERVIEW] BTOB 4U on Upcoming Online Concert, Album Promotions, and Self-Love

After releasing their first mini-album INSIDE this past November, BTOB 4U is inviting everyone to their upcoming online concert, 2021 BTOB 4U ONLINE CONCERT: “INSIDE” taking place on Saturday, January 23 at 5PM (KST) / 12AM (PST). 

2020 was a chaotic, restless year for many. But a spark of hope came along last October when CUBE Entertainment announced BTOB’s new unit group composed of currently active members EunKwang, ChangSub, Minhyuk, and Peniel. The announcement followed EunKwang’s, ChangSub’s, and Minhyuk’s early discharge from their military service due to COVID-19 protocol. BTOB 4U stands for “BTOB For You” and “four members are united” to bring joy and happiness to their ardent fans. Those fans, collectively called Melody, had the honor of deciding on the unit group’s name. 

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BTOB 4U made their official debut on November 16, 2020 with their INSIDE mini-album. Equipped with charming vocals, humble personalities, and boundless energy that brought smiles and laughter to everyone’s faces, BTOB 4U delivered five, wonderfully crafted tracks that exhibit fresh, new sounds while still maintaining BTOB’s unique color. The title track, “Show Your Love,” was penned by BTOB member Hyunsik prior to his military enlistment and encourages listeners to spread love to help others through difficult times. The song brought healing and comfort to listeners and positively resonated with the public. In fact,  “Show Your Love” landed the unit’s first music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show just eight days after their debut. 

Kpopconcerts.com checked in with BTOB 4U to discuss their upcoming concert, reflect on their INSIDE promotions, and how they have been working to bridge the distance between themselves and their fans through virtual artist-fan interactions. 

KPC: Melody, are eagerly anticipating your upcoming 2021 BTOB 4U ONLINE CONCERT: “INSIDE” on January 23. For some, this may be their first time “attending” an online concert. Could you share any teasers of what you have in store at your two-hour long show?

Lee Minhyuk: We will be having a two-hour long concert with stages that we have never shown before. Cute, Sexy, Manly. Stay tuned and find out on Jan. 23rd 5PM (KST)!

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KPC: BTOB 4U was formed shortly after EunKwang, Minhyuk, and ChangSub returned from military enlistment. That time spent away from Melody and the stage must have evoked a spark or passion to return on stage. Did that play a role in the creation of this album?

Lee ChangSub: I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. When I was in military service, I was grateful that I was a singer and for all the love that our fans gave us. 

KPC: How has the preparation for a virtual concert differed from that of a live concert? Were there any unexpected challenges?

Lee ChangSub: Since it is a virtual concert, we had to practice thinking of each and every angle. So, it was more difficult and complicated than a live concert. 

Peniel: There weren’t that many differences in preparation, but the actual performance will probably be very different for sure because there’s no live audience.

KPC: Among all the songs in INSIDE, what is your favorite lyrical line and why?

Lee ChangSub: ‘There is no greater power than love. That’s all I need.’ – I really think love is the greatest power among all, so I relate to this lyrical line very much.

KPC: Your title track, “Show Your Love” from your first EP INSIDE brought much needed healing and comfort to listeners. So much so that the song won first place on The Show, eight days after your unit’s debut. How did you celebrate this achievement and how does it feel knowing your message was warmly received by the public?

Peniel: We didn’t really do anything to celebrate the win but if people feel better or get “healed” by listening to our songs that’s enough.

KPC: Your “Show Your Love” video showcases that love can take different forms. In terms of “self-love,”  everyone has different ways of expressing it and how they take care of their well being. How do you define “self-love” in your own words and do you have any words of advice for those who may be struggling with this?

Peniel: You should always love yourself and try to better yourself. Try not to care too much about what others think of you and do things for yourself (ex. Working out).

KPC: From virtual fansigns and V-Lives to your upcoming online concert, you all worked diligently to release “un-tact” events for your global Melody. How has it been navigating this new artist-fan experience?

Seo EunKwang: I think we’re getting along pretty well. Most of all, I am grateful that we can meet all of our global Melody. We’ll make sure we work even harder to release more fun and good contents that will connect us and Melody.

Lee Minhyuk: I’m pretty disappointed that we cannot meet Melody in person and that ‘un-tact’ event is all we can do at the moment due to the pandemic we are facing right now. But, I am also grateful that there is still a way to communicate with Melody, so I am trying to think positive of what we are given with. 

KPC: Since your debut in 2012 as BTOB, all the members have maintained great teamwork and camaraderie. What would you say are key factors to your group’s strong team dynamics? 

Seo EunKwang: Understanding and caring for each other. Most of all, we respect one another. That’s why we maintain good teamwork naturally.

KPC: Lastly, do you have a message you would like to share with your international Melody?

Seo EunKwang: Melody all over [the] world! I’d like to say that we love you, and we are always grateful for all the love and support you send us. We promise that we, BTOB,  will make you proud with wonderful music and performances. Thank you!

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Translated by: Nahri L. & Yeowon Y.

Kpopconcerts would like to thank BTOB 4U, CUBE Entertainment, and CJ ENM for the interview opportunity.

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