D1CE to Greet Fans for 2nd Online Fanmeeting ‘DEAR. MY DON1Y’

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Five-member group D1CE will be meeting their global fans through their second online fanmeeting next month!

D1CE (Yonggeun, Hyunsoo, Yoojun, Woodam, and Jinyoung) will hold D1CE 2ND ONLINE FANMEETING ‘DEAR. MY DON1Y’ on Saturday, May 1 at 9PM (KST) exclusively on MyMusicTaste.com. The event will be Yonggeun’s last event with the group as he will be enlisting in the military on May 6. 

D1CE made their debut on August 1, 2019 with “Wake Up” from their EP Wake Up: Roll The World. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the group have been actively releasing music, including “Draw You” from their second EP Draw You: Remember Me, their collab single “One Summer” with Clef Crew, and most recently their digital singles “Good Day” and “You’re My Destiny.” In December, D1CE held their first online global fanmeeting to celebrate the Christmas season with their fans (called DON1Y) all around the world.

Ticket Information

Cr. MyMusicTaste

Tickets to D1CE 2ND ONLINE FANMEETING ‘DEAR. MY DON1Y’ are available for purchase on MyMusicTaste’s website here. Fans have the option to purchase different packages that will include perks such as a printed ticket, photo card sets, and even a video message from one D1CE member. A separate 1:1 Zoom Video Call ticket can be purchased separately and fans will be able to spend two minutes with each member (first come first serve).

Check out D1CE’s “You’re My Destiny” special clip below:

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