Teams Up with ATLocal Entertainment for Upcoming Online Concert

Rising idol group will be greeting their international fans with their very own online concert in June! (Minho, Woncheol, Woojin, Juntae, and Keonwoo) first debuted in Japan on August 12, 2018 before breaking into the Korean market with their “Don’t Know” from their debut mini album, The Glow: Eden. The group recently made their comeback on March 16 with their song, “Dazzle” from their latest album, The Glow: Illusion.

Show and Ticket Information

Presented by ATLocal Entertainment,’s online concert will take place on Friday, June 11 at 11AM (KST) via Zoom. Member Minho, who has been on hiatus since December due to health reasons, will not participate in the event.

Tickets to’s online concert range from $25 GA tickets to $80 VVIP tickets and will go on sale on Thursday, April 29 at 10AM (KST) on ATLocal Entertainment’s website

Fans who purchase VIP or VVIP tickets will be eligible to attend’s fan meeting at 10AM (KST) and ask the members their burning fan questions. “We are so excited to partner with ATLocal Entertainment and meet you all,” said the group via ATLocal’s Youtube channel. 

Furthermore, fans who purchase a personalized signed album via ATLocal Entertainment’s website will be able to participate in an exclusive 1:1 video call where the purchasers can greet the members as they sign the purchased album. 

Check out’s new song “Dazzle” below!

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