B1A4 to Hold Their First Showcase in USA



Rookie group B1A4 is coming to the States!

On May 29th, Jazzy Group US announced on their official Facebook page that B1A4 will hold a showcase in the US!

Jazzy Group US is the subdivision of its main company, Jazzy Group the leading promo tour/ concert management company in Malaysia. The group has organized numerous showcases and fanmeets in Malaysia and brought K-Pop artists such as A-Pink, Block-BB.A.P, T-ARA, and many more!

Jazzy Group US goal is to bring more K-Pop artists to the US, especially those outside the K-Pop hotspots, Los Angeles and New York. Although the exact location has not been announced, Jazzy Group US has been diligently working to bring B1A4 to Texas around October!

Stay tuned for more info! By checking out Jazzy Group US‘s official Facebook page here.

  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t think my family will fly me out to New York to see a kpop concert! Oh please oh please it would be amazing if B!A4 came to Chicago! No! More than amazing! I haven’t seen many kpop bands visiting chicago! Oh if anyone that reads this that can inform WM Entertainment tell them that Chicago LOVES B1A4 and they won’t be disappointed coming here!
    Vist the TOP 3 cities of North America! New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago!!! <3

  2. Please come Florida their are a lot of fans of b1a4 here .their are middle and high school sttudents that love them and I’m one of them . So please let them come:-) .

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