[INTERVIEW] TEMPEST Chats About Their Hobbies, Goals, and Favorite Pokémon

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Debuting during the pandemic comes with a laundry list of challenges, but Yuehua Entertainment’s 7-member boy group TEMPEST have had their sights set on becoming idols for years. Some may remember members Hanbin, Hyeongseop, and Hwarang from I-LAND, Produce 101 Season 2, and Under Nineteen, respectively. Hyeongseop and Euiwoong even debuted as a duo prior to the group’s debut. Their title track “Bad News” and mini album It’s Me, It’s We released in March 2022 marked the start of what is sure to be an exceptional rise to fame. 

Kpopconcerts.com had the chance to get to know TEMPEST a little better and asked the group some essential questions for their fans, iE. 

KPC: Other than performing, what are the loves of your lives? Do you all have any hobbies individually?

HANBIN: My hobbies are photography and cooking. I often cook at our dorm when I have time. 

HYEONGSEOP: I get lost in thought when listening to music or watching a movie. I am also improving myself through activities such as learning a language.

HYUK: I like to watch soccer and play games.

LEW: I enjoy watching movies, reading, and riding my bicycle at Han River when the weather is nice.

HWARANG: I enjoy games and window-shopping. I like shoes, so I spend a lot of my time looking at shoes.

EUNCHAN: I enjoy watching movies and K-dramas.

TAERAE: When I have plenty of free time, I like to go out for fresh air and look at the blue sky.

KPC: If you all weren’t idols, what do you think you would be doing in your life?

HANBIN: I studied marketing at university, so I assumed I would probably be working at a marketing company or opening a bakery since I am also very interested in baking.

HYEONGSEOP: Actor or YouTuber. I like to show off in front of people, so even if I didn’t become an idol I would have probably chosen a career that allows me to be in front of a camera. 

HYUK: I think I would be working at a company related to mechanical engineering.

LEW: News anchor. I thought that it suits me and that I could do a good job.

HWARANG: Responsibility is important to me, so I think I would have wanted to become a police officer or a firefighter.

EUNCHAN: Since I was in the modeling department at school, I think I would probably be modeling.

TAERAE: I wanted to join the military from the influence of my father who was in the army. I also went through a period, in my younger years, when I was in the theater club and wanted to become an actor. So, I think I would have chosen between the two careers.

KPC: What are each of your favorite tracks from It’s Me, It’s We? 

HANBIN: “Bad At Love”


HYUK: “Just A Little Bit”

LEW: “to YOU”

HWARANG: “Just A Little Bit”

EUNCHAN: “Find Me”

TAERAE: “Bad News”

KPC: Was there anything that you were nervous about before debuting that you feel more comfortable with now?

EUNCHAN: Personally, until our debut, I was truly worried that I couldn’t have a relaxed facial expression. But after debut, I was actually able to do it easily and I think I’m getting better. I’ll keep trying! 

KPC: What is a styling concept that you all would like to try for a future comeback? (Ex- Emo, Sporty, 90’s)

EUNCHAN: I would like to try the “hip” old-school styling from the ’90s.

LEW: I would like to try styling in summer and wear beach outfits.

KPC: If you could star in any TV show, what show would it be?

HWARANG: Since all of our members are full of energy and free-spirited, I would like for us to go on shows like Running Man and Knowing Bros. I think we will be able to gain strength and motivation through talking with the hosts, showing our unique vibe and character and making the show enjoyable through different games. However, we are ready and would be grateful to go on any TV show when given the opportunity.

KPC: Are there any specific goals that you all have in mind for TEMPEST?

LEW: I hope to win this year’s Rookie of the Year award, continue to promote TEMPEST with our music, and achieve good results. I wish to win Billboard and Grammy awards to, ultimately, become a legendary group that represents our time and delivers a positive impact on countless people.

KPC: Do any of the members have interest in composing/writing/producing songs for the group in the future?

HWARANG: Because I am already learning how to produce and compose, which I am very interested in, I want to tell my own story through the music I create. TEMPEST plans on making various music in the near future, and I hope you look forward to HWARANG’s music that will come out into the world one day.

HYUK: As the main vocalist in TEMPEST, I help with the details and vocalization during the practice sessions for our songs. So, I really wish to write and produce in the future.

LEW: I only participated in writing the lyrics for this album, but I would like to participate more actively. I would like to try to compose and produce an entire album in the future.

KPC: If each member could switch positions with another member, who would you choose and why?

HANBIN: EUNCHAN. I want to try EUNCHAN’s position: in charge of proportion with his appealing height.

HYEONGSEOP: I want to try switching with a member who is in charge of rapping. As someone who has only practiced singing, I am curious to see what it feels like to rap.

HYUK: HWARANG. I want to be the main dancer and show off my dancing in center stage.

LEW: HYUK. I will one day become the other main vocalist in TEMPEST.

HWARANG: HYUK. I want to switch positions with the main vocalist. Because I have interests also in singing, I want to show iE my various sides.

EUNCHAN: TAERAE. I want to see what it’s like living as the youngest member.

TAERAE: HYUK. I want to sing as well as HYUK.  I would like to try and take over the main vocalist position.

KPC: When you get your first win on a music show, is there anything you would like to do to thank your fans?

HYEONGSEOP: We haven’t thought too deeply about it, but we can do whatever iE wants us to do. I think there are various things we could do, whether it be changing parts, performing in special costumes and so on.

TEMPEST - It's Me, It's We concept photo
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KPC: What are each members’ favorite Pokémon?

HANBIN: Pikachu. It’s adorable how Pikachu is a character that is able to shock someone with its overflowing cuteness and energy.

HYEONGSEOP: Pikachu. Its bright and cute appearance is adorable.

HYUK: Mew. It’s cool how it appears to be cute but is strong as well.

LEW: Pikachu because it never changes.

HWARANG: Charmander. My name has the Korean letter “HWA” in it, and it means fire in Korean. Charmander is a Pokémon that has fire on the tip of its tail and the size of the fire changes depending on its mood and health condition, so I thought it resembled me. And iE have told me that I look like Charmander.

EUNCHAN: Chimchar. I like how it’s a Pokemon that looks strong. 

TAERAE: Tepig. I like Tepig because it looks cute.

Check out TEMPEST’s mini album, It’s Me, It’s We on Spotify here and the music video for the title track “Bad News” here!

This interview was conducted with translations and coordination by REELS Corp.


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