YOUNITE Takes Flight with Debut EP ‘YOUNI-BIRTH’

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BRANDNEW MUSIC’s newest boy group, YOUNITE, recently made their vibrant debut with the release of YOUNI-BIRTH. Consisting of six tracks, the EP displays a variety of styles and sounds to showcase the group’s versatility and promise.

Consisting of members, EUNHO, STEVE, HYUNSEUNG, EUNSANG, HYUNGSEOK, WOONO, DEY, KYUNGMUN, and SION, the group created an intergalactic theme full of unique visuals corresponding with their individual characteristics, position, and role within the group. Playing on the concept of space and the solar system, the group’s name “YOUNITE” combines the words “You” and “Unite,” in a metaphorical promise to create synergy with and to always be one with fans.

To kick off the EP, “YOUNI-BIRTH” begins with a retro video game chime and sirens to signal their arrival. Composed by a few of the members, the track offers explosive beats and rap verses that introduce themselves to the industry. To build off of their powerful entrance, they declare, “Look at our new beginning / There will be no regrets, baby / I’m not afraid / Hands together, nobody can stop us now.”

The title track “1 to 9” follows with a bright and bubbly melody that provides a light, playful energy. YOUNITE showcases their versatility as a group by the integration of both upbeat verses and impressive rap lines. A colorful music video accompanies the track to display the member’s personalities and young, vibrant essence. The video’s journey begins by traveling through the “YOUNITE VILLAGE,” leading to a school where the members wait, seen seated at desks in an ensemble of charming uniforms. Transitioning from one lively colored room to the next, the members provide high-spirited choreography, bright clothing, and lively engagement with one another as they make their way around the village. The video progresses with a very youthful and spirited aura as the members engage in a high-school broadcast and cast ballots in a competition to determine who can win the most hearts.

Up next, the pre-released “EVERYBODY,” comes in hot to offer an old school hip-hop sound with funky beats and groovy rap verses. The track features DJ Juice on turntables, adding an extra retro feel as the members share, “In this crazy world, this is paradise / Y-O-UNITE-, ready, get it, get it / Let us show you our passion,” to express their desire to have fun and enjoy this new exciting moment together.

RING RING RING” takes a step back to slow down the energy and with a soft, R&B melody. The track discusses the heart fluttering feeling when hearing the phone ring and knowing a significant other or person of interest waits on the other end. Sweet, pure lyrics like “Call me again tomorrow / I wonder if you know, after our phone call / I can’t fall asleep for awhile,” shows the significant impact this person has on their mood and daily thoughts. The track provides a nice melodic break before speeding the EP back up with “ODYSSEY.”

“ODYSSEY” implements an alternative EDM sound and high energy beats to express the adrenaline rush YOUNITE feels as they approach and take on the industry or “odyssey.” In reference to their debut, the lyrics “The long journey has already begun / Oh, coming now, coming now / Ready for the odyssey,” shows they have put in the work to get to this point and now stand before the world ready to prove themselves.

YOUNITE - 1 of 9 concept photo

The EP rounds out with “I GOT THE FEELING.” Offering feel-good energy and a vibrant  melody, the track touches on the overwhelming feeling experienced when infatuated with another. Blinded by their radiating energy, the lyrics, “When I walk with you / I can’t even see / Almost bumping into trees / Because I’m always looking at you,” explain how the outside world fades out when around this person.

YOUNI-BIRTH marks the first of many impressive releases in YOUNITE’s career. Already holding the ability to create complex pieces consisting of engaging concepts and duality, they demand attention and force all eyes on them. We look forward to seeing the future of this promising new group!

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