[INTERVIEW] P1Harmony to Celebrate Diversity and Korean Culture at ‘Korea On Stage in London’

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For Keeho, Jiung, Theo, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob, the core of their identity is the blending of different talents and personalities to create unity. But it is more than just a part of the FNC Entertainment group’s name, P1Harmony; it is an actionable concept, something they can live and breathe. Nothing speaks more to this than their upcoming appearance at Korea On Stage in London. The festival celebrates 140 years of diplomatic relations between the UK and South Korea, where the fourth-generation K-Pop group will take the stage on November 8 at OVO Arena Wembley and embody the concept of unity and goodwill on a global scale.

After an impactful debut via the feature film “P1H: The Beginning of a New World” in 2020, P1Harmony has enjoyed a series of well-earned successes in the forms of six EPs, the latest of which, Harmony: All In, dropped in June of this year, and a multi-leg world tour spanning the better part of two years – an action-packed first three years for the harmonious, goal-driven group who plan to go even further.

The sextet will join a lineup of Korean talent, including ATEEZ, STAYC, JANNABI, Lee Young-ji, xikers, BOYNEXTDOOR, Yageum Yageum, and Xdinary Heroes, along with a guest appearance by 18-year-old British singer-songwriter Henry Moodie.

Kpopconcerts.com had the opportunity to chat with P1Harmony about their appearance at the festival, ongoing world tour, and growth from performance to performance. Learn more about what P1eces can expect from the boys, the European leg of their ongoing tour, and more.

This interview has been edited for flow and clarity.

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KPC: How does it feel to represent Korea for Korea On Stage in London’s celebration of 140 years of UK-Korea diplomatic relations?

Keeho: We are so excited to be a part of a wave that celebrates and encourages diversity and Korean culture! We believe there is always space for representation, and we can’t wait to represent Korea in London.

KPC: What do you hope your London fans will take away from this performance?

Theo: We’ve prepared the energy that P1Harmony can let out the most, so we hope that our London P1ece can receive all of that energy.

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KPC: What would you love to explore in London that you could share with Korea when you return?

Jiung: I want to have a meal at a really fancy restaurant with a stunning view.

KPC: Korea On Stage in London preceded the Europe-leg of your 2023 P1Ustage H: P1ONEER Live Tour. What are you most looking forward to with your European stops?

Intak: It’s an honor to be able to perform in London, and since it is our first time having a tour in Europe, it is extra exciting! I can’t wait to meet up with our European fans and have a blast!

KPC: The 2023 P1Ustage H: P1ONEER Live Tour began in January, and you toured the US the year before. How do you maintain your health, energy, and enthusiasm for your shows?

Soul: I really enjoy touring in general, so I usually maintain my energy and tension very well between shows. In terms of maintaining your health, I think it’s most important that you stretch a lot.

KPC: In our last interview, you mentioned wanting to be more international and organized about how you approach your art. It is visible in your performances. How else would you like to continue to grow as artists, and how will you make that happen?

Jongseob: I wish to be an artist who shines the brightest on stage. Another goal is to be on a larger stage and return the love and support that our fans send us with great music. On how we will make that happen, we’ll answer that with the upcoming albums and shows! :)

KPC: If you had to choose a single word to describe your career up to this point, what would it be and why?

Keeho: It would have to be harmonious. Our group’s name is P1Harmony, and we believe that our teamwork, music, and fans have all been on the same key and harmonious together.

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KPC: For the fans you inspire, can you share any techniques you use to practice dancing, singing, and rapping to hone your skills?

Theo: I feel like improving on vocal skills is very challenging. I still think I have a lot to go, as well. But in terms of dancing, I feel like you can improve quickly depending on how much time you spend practicing. I’m not that great of a dancer, but I’ve practiced 10 hours a day and found myself improving a lot.

KPC: Do you have a message for your fans waiting for you in Europe – and beyond?

Jiung: Thank you for all of the warm welcome and support, Europe P1ece! We will be there real soon, and we can make great memories together.

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