[INTERVIEW] ITZY on Preparing For Head in the Clouds New York, Meeting International Fans, and Their Bond

Since debuting in 2019, ITZY, made of members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, has been booked and busy. Fans all over the world, known as MIDZYs, have resonated with the group’s musical messages of confidence, self-love, and self-empowerment in their fierce performances. They have seen an upward trend of amazing moments in their career so far, from becoming the global spokesmodels for the iconic beauty brand Maybelline New York, modeling and co-designing a handbag and shoe collection with Charles & Keith, to making appearances at KCON. More recently, ITZY successfully completed their first world tour, Checkmate (of which Kpopconcerts.com was able to catch the Los Angeles and New York stops).

After a fabulous year, ITZY found themselves back in New York for their U.S. festival debut at 88rising’s first-ever Head in the Clouds New York Music & Arts Festival on May 20. MIDZYs in attendance were treated to special versions of “Not Shy” and “Sorry Not Sorry” that were rearranged just for the festival. Fan-favorite hits “DALLA DALLA” and “WANNABE” and newer releases such as “Sneakers” and “Boys Like You,” their first English single, also had the Head in the Clouds audience cheering.

Before their set, Kpopconcerts.com was able to catch ITZY amid their busy schedule to talk about the preparation process for this milestone performance, MIDZYs, and their team synergy.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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KPC: Head in the Clouds New York is ITZY’s first U.S. festival performance. How are you feeling about it so far?

Ryujin: It is such a pleasure to be here and do such a big stage like Head in the Clouds, so we are very excited since it’s our first time on the U.S. festival stage. So we prepared a lot and we are really excited to show it.

KPC: What was it like during the preparations? Are there any fun stories or challenges?

Lia: We actually didn’t have that much time, so we really kind of stayed focused because we wanted to make it extra perfect since we have quite a long running time. We kind of imagined that we were actually in front of the crowd and trained ourselves to be more lively.

KPC: How did you spend your free time in New York? Is there anything that you all always want to do/eat while you’re here?

Yeji: We spent our free time eating a lot of delicious food, going on a cruise, and performing on a great stage. I had a lot of fun in New York.

Lia: This time, I spent my time with the members by walking around under the nice weather, going to a flea market, and taking a lot of pretty photos!

Ryujin: I had a chance to eat many delicious food and travel around. I really liked the mood of the streets that can only be felt in New York.

Chaeryeong: I caught a lot of sights all over New York! I walked a lot. We went to Central Park which I wanted to go to, and ate delicious pizza!

Yuna: It was really nice to be in New York~ I spent time walking in the park and talking with our members. And I personally love New York strip steak!

KPC: You recently wrapped your first world tour and you’ve flown all the way here for Head in the Clouds. What has it been like meeting international MIDZYs?

Yeji: It was a good memory for us and a good experience. I received and felt so much love from our MIDZYs, and I can’t wait for our next tour.

KPC: In between your busy schedules, how do you each like to relax and unwind after a busy day?

Yeji: These days, I love to lie down and watch Netflix to rest. Watching my favorite videos while eating good food can relieve my stress.

Lia: I actually give my body a break by healing at home. Sometimes I go out on a picnic to relieve stress when the weather is nice.

Ryujin: I think staying in silence helps me to relieve stress. So I like watching movies or dramas alone.

Chaeryeong: I actually spend time alone. I like to sleep for a long time or lie down all day and watch dramas to relax.

Yuna: Playing games, watching animations, dramas, and movies, and eating delicious food or spicy food are the ways I relieve my stress. I also love to talk with people I love.

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KPC: Since your debut in 2019, all the members have maintained great teamwork and camaraderie. What would you say are key factors to your group’s strong team dynamics?

Yeji: We know each other well and take good care of each other in daily life, as well as on stage. Even though we are always together, taking care and looking out for each other can make good teamwork.

Lia: I think it’s having a mindset to always be conscious of and understanding of each other! There are 5 members in ITZY and every one of us is precious!

Ryujin: I think [our strong] teamwork was created in the process of getting to know each other and understanding every part of each other every day as a team.

Chaeryeong: As we spend time together, we naturally get to know each other more and more. I think we try to understand each other as much as we know each other well!

Yuna: Caring and respecting each other!

KPC: What new projects can fans expect from ITZY this year?

Chaeryeong: We’re always preparing for our next album – new songs, and a new performance. Please look forward to it!

Filmed by: Sarah P.

Thank you to ITZY and JYP Entertainment for the interview opportunity!

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