[RECAP] MAMAMOO Brings a Dazzling End to Their ‘MY CON’ Tour in Los Angeles

Cr. Ericka P.

With radish lightsticks raised high and an explosive roar from the audience, the stage was set for an unforgettable night as vocal virtuosos MAMAMOO seized the spotlight for the last stop of their MY CON U.S. Tour. Named after their 12th mini-album MIC ON, the tour marked the culmination of their nearly nine-year-long career. Since their debut in 2014, Hwasa, Whee In, Solar, and Moonbyul have charmed music listeners with their unparalleled vocal talents, stage presence, and larger-than-life personalities. The members continued to soar as they pursued solo activities, showcasing to the world each of their distinct musical styles and skills. Together, the quartet stands as an unmatched, vocal powerhouse group befitting of their sold-out inaugural U.S. arena tour.

Cr. Ericka P.

On June 4, their adoring fans, called MooMoos, congregated at the Kia Forum in Inglewood for a night to remember filled with stunning performances and breathtaking visuals. A sea of Moobongs (the affectionate name for Mamamoo’s radish lightsticks) covered the venue in a sea of green. MAMAMAOO sent the crowd into a frenzy from the very first notes of “1,2,3 Eoi!” and their debut track, “Mr. Ambiguous.” Playful and funky, the opening set was the perfect introduction to the quartet’s concert. They shared how touched they were to see the arena filled with their adoring fans and that they were the sole reason their dreams became reality.

Cr. Timothy Norris (@timothynorris) / Kia Forum Photos

Although there was no extended stage, MAMAMOO still dazzled the audience with their stunning dance sequences. The opening of “AYA” featured an impressive, award-show-worthy dance break by MAMAMOO and their backup dancers, and they jumped into the reggae track, “ILLELLA.” The venue buzzed with excitement as everyone danced along to the iconic “Decalcomanie” and befittingly sang, “I FEEL GOOD” back to the members.

The venue’s atmosphere ignited with more energy as the setlist took a detour to one of their bolder songs, “HIP.” The song’s anthemic melody and punchy lyrics about living your life to the fullest without the fear of what others think amplified the crowd’s energy. The performance also showcased the members’ impressive dance skills with their intricate choreography, which was created to squash past comments about their “simple” dance moves. They followed up with, “Taller Than You,” their unruly self-written diss track poking fun at each other’s heights. The performance began with a comedic skit and a backdrop of a window view of cartoon clouds, sunshine, and rainbows. As the performance approached its climax, it transformed into an explosive hip-hop banger, and the once cute backdrop was set aflame as MAMAMOO and MooMoos turned up together.

The midpoint of the show treated the audience to special stages in which the members swapped solo songs. Solar charmed fans with her rendition of Whee In’s “water color” while Hwasa commanded the stage with her cover of Moonbyul’s “Eclipse.” Whee In put her own whimsical spin on Solar’s “Honey,” and Moonbyul brought her signature swagger for her version of Hwasa’s “TWIT.” The group then reconvened onstage to perform OT4 versions of Solar’s “Spit it out,” Whee In’s “Make Me Happy,” Moonbyul’s “LUNATIC,” and Hwasa’s “Maria.” The refreshing set proved each member’s versatility to ease and adapt to any song and make it their own.

The vocal-centered set of the night came with the beautiful orchestral arrangement of “Paint Me” followed by “Star Wind Flower Sun,” a heartfelt ballad conveying the members’ gratefulness for the fans’ unwavering support. Their live harmonies were unparalleled, using their soaring voices in the choruses to pull listeners into the songs’ beautiful soundscapes. The members were moved at the sight of moobongs swaying in the air as the crowd sang along. Hwasa added that despite their fatigue on stage, seeing the fans enjoy their performances made them forget that they were ever tired in the first place.

A massive, blistering sun ignited the stage as MAMAMOO segued back to their dance numbers with “Egotistic” and “gogobebe,” which were both met with fanchants that rang loud and clear throughout the arena. Moonbyul commented, “I feel like we were continuously emotional because even if the language is different [from yours], you guys sang along to all the words.”

The sentiment was mutual among the other members. “I really think I’ll never forget this moment, and I hope you guys will never forget this moment as well,” Solar added. The tour was regrettably coming to an end, and she cheekily asked if she could crash at MooMoos’ homes, which was met with roars of “yes” from the audience.

Cr. Timothy Norris (@timothynorris) / Kia Forum Photos

“I wanna say thank you for helping us learn a lot of things.” Whee In chimed in, promising to harness the same level of energy and enthusiasm at their upcoming encore concerts in Korea.

Last but not least, Hwasa, who noticed a fan crying in the audience, poured her heart out. “You guys make me realize that I’m living for the first time again.” The backdropped then morphed into a star-filled galaxy as MAMAMOO, after a brief pause for hugs and giggles, segued into “Starry Night” followed by “Wind Flower.”

The final night of the tour included a surprise event for MAMAMOO. After kicking off their encore stage with Travel” and “Yes I Am,” a video montage of U.S. MooMoos’ heartfelt messages was displayed on the screen, promising that they will “never let [MAMAMOO] go.” The video then instructed the crowd to sing the lyrics to “I Love You Too.” As MAMAMOO turned to face the crowd, they were greeted by a sea of fan banners with the message “하늘 땅 바다 어디에 있든 우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이야” [Sky, land, or sea, wherever we are, we are destined to meet again no matter what]. Moonbyul admitted to almost tearing up as they came to realize just how long their U.S. fans must have been waiting for this tour. Emotions rang high as the moment served as a true testament to the unbreakable bond that MAMAMOO and MooMoos have forged over the years. 

Before their final send-off, MAMAMOO briefly instructed the crowd on how to wave their moobongs to the beat before jumping into “L.I.E.C.” With their newfound energy, MAMAMOO closed out the last show with one of their most iconic tracks, “Um Ah Oh Yeh.” The feel-good song brought immense joy to the crowd and ended the night on a high note.

Cr. Timothy Norris (@timothynorris) / Kia Forum Photos

MAMAMOO will be holding encore concerts at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul from June 16 to 18. Shortly afterward, the quartet will release the documentary tour film, MAMAMOO: MY CON THE MOVIE, domestically on June 21. Although the tour has come to an end, L.A. MooMoos can relive the cherished memories in the film’s upcoming international screening in August.

  1. An incredible night accompanied by incredible performers and performances deserved an incredible recap. Thank you for this. It’s really hard to put it to words what I experienced that night but this recap comes very close. I will definitely be waiting to see Mamamoo again in the future.

  2. I drove 3.5 hours from Fresno, Ca to see them in Inglewood. It was SPECTACULAR!!! When they came on stage, I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as my FAVORITE KPop girl group! It was AMAZING!

  3. Mamamoo proved yet again that their Mic’s are indeed ON! My experience watching them live in Glendale and LA was spectacular. I have watched other Kpop concerts, but hands down Mamamoo gave a solid vocal-dance-funny-hyped performance that I will never forget! Cannot wait for their comeback!

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