[INTERVIEW] Henry Lau Talks His Nostalgic New Single “Moonlight,” Exploring New Genres, and Finding Balance

Two years after the release of his EP Journey, Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter and former member of Super Junior-M Henry Lau is back with a new English-language single, “Moonlight.” While he has remained on the music scene with contributions to drama OSTs and a collaboration on the Chinese remix of “Golden Hour by American artist and TikToker JVKE, “Moonlight” marks a new era for Henry’s own musical journey with a more youthful, carefree indie-pop sound. In a departure from Journey’s darker, more introspective vibe, “Moonlight” treats fans to a more laid-back and breezy feel – the lyric video, which was filmed in sunny Los Angeles, sees Henry and friends picnicking, partying, and playing tennis across the city.

Kpopconcerts.com had the opportunity to chat with Henry about “Moonlight,” his artistic evolution, and what fans can look forward to in this new chapter.

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KPC: “Moonlight” is your first solo release since 2020’s Journey EP. What went into the creation of the single?

Henry: Yeah, it has been a very, very long time since I released music. “Moonlight” was actually a result of an entire – it’s kind of weird – but the entire journey I went on last year. I kind of put everything off and took a musical trip around the world.

I worked with a bunch of producers doing some genres of music that I would never have attempted like rock and country music. And it was just all on a journey with a goal to explore myself musically and I created an album. I would like to say “Moonlight” is just one of the songs on that album.

KPC: Journey had a very distinct R&B, soulful vibe that told the story of your growth as an artist. “Moonlight” is a bit more upbeat and wistful. How do you think you have evolved since Journey? Was there anything specific that inspired “Moonlight”?

Henry: I think the difference between the Journey EP and “Moonlight” is that for Journey, I was thinking a lot musically in terms of, ‘I want to show this and this instrument, and I wanted to do this on stage while performing this song.’

For “Moonlight,” I was just like, I just want people to have a good time when they listen to this song. So it was a lot simpler.

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KPC: The “Moonlight” music video evokes a feeling of nostalgia and freedom. People are dancing at a party, dancing alone, taking nighttime joyrides, and freefalling through darkness. What kind of story or message do you hope to tell through the song and the music video?

Henry: If you look at the music video there are a lot of messages that I wanted to show people there. And there are times when people are dancing alone. Like, I really wanted to show that, you know, whether you’re alone or you’re with friends, in whatever situation, you could still have a good time.

KPC: Between music, acting, artwork, restaurateurship, and more, how do you find time to wind down as an international star?

Henry: Yeah, I am doing a lot of things, I have a lot of things on my plate, but I think finding time to balance those things out. You know, I’m still working on it but one key thing is to just really know what you need to work on, and the not-so-important things, I’m learning to just not care about them so much. But it is hard to find balance.

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KPC: What can fans expect to see from you in 2023?

Henry: In 2023, I expect to go travel as much as possible, meet my fans wherever they are, and give them the best show possible. That is what I’m planning with them right now. Thank you!

Thanks so much to Henry and his team for the interview! Be sure to check out Henry’s new single, “Moonlight,” and keep your eyes peeled for more new releases to come!


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