[RECAP] TWICE Dazzles at Sold-Out LA Concerts

TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' In Los Angeles, CA

After three long years since their 2019 TWICELIGHTS world tour, TWICE kicked off the U.S. leg of their TWICE 4th World Tour ‘III’ in Los Angeles, CA! 

Returning to The Forum with now two sold-out concerts, TWICE was ready to make up for lost time. The three-hour-long shows boasted a show-stopping setlist that spanned across the group’s extensive six-year career. Filled with all-time bops and new releases backed by dynamic stages and sentimental vocal-led performances, the concert kept TWICE fans (called ONCE) captivated and energized as they danced along, barked and hollered, and fanchanted throughout the night. 

At first glance, calling TWICE’s 4th World Tour ‘III’ may seem a bit confusing. However during the group’s introductions, they clarified that the number spoke to the deep-rooted artist-fan relationship that they have with ONCE. As explained by Jihyo, “One is for the love ONCE gives TWICE and two is for the love TWICE shows ONCE.” When added together, they become the “perfect love of three” and symbolize the love and unity they have for one another and ONCE.


TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' In Los Angeles, CA

Dressed in beautiful red-plaid outfits, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu made their grand entrance as they emerged on a riser from the depths of the multi-tiered main stage. Seated on a banquet table, the girls kicked off the night with their original English single, “The Feels.” The self-empowering anthem set the tone for the night as everyone rose from their seats and belted out the lyrics to the chorus, “You have stolen my heart!” A confidence boosting release about chasing after one’s desires, the song set the tone for the night as ONCE illuminated the venue in a kaleidoscope of colors with their official lightsticks (called candy bongs) while engrossed in the song’s feel-good vibes. 

The first night was monumental for all as it marked the first full performance with all nine members. Jeongyeon, who was absent during the Seoul-leg of the ‘III’ tour, made her onstage tour debut in Los Angeles. During “Feel Special,” ONCE changed their candy bongs to light green in association with Jeongyeon to show their support and appreciation for her return to the stage. As she thanked the staff, her members, and ONCE for making her concert appearance possible, fans passionately chanted her name. The gesture carried on throughout the night and onward throughout the U.S. tour stops, a true testament to the unwavering love and support the fandom has for TWICE. 

ONCE also found many other ways to express their love and admiration. Throughout the night, ONCE took advantage of every opportunity to transition their cheering to barking at the members. The moment made for great comedic moments as the members were utterly confused at the gesture, but eventually joined in the fun and egged the crowd on anyway.


TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' In Los Angeles, CA

TWICE swapped their vibrant and cute concepts for a series of bold stages that highlighted the group’s charisma. Standing tall and proud in fabulous black attire inspired by the American West, TWICE and their backup dancers commanded everyone’s attention as they laid down a phenomenal dance break during the brass-heavy, almost militaristic opening of “Shot Clock.” The high-energy continued on to “Get Loud” and “I Can’t Stop Me,” with the latter evoking a particularly large reaction from the crowd. They continued with “Espresso” and “Icon” before capping the second set of the night with “Cry For Me.” While TWICE sang the original Korean lyrics for “Cry For Me,” the entire venue sang the English version of the song word-for-word. 


TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' In Los Angeles, CA

For the third set of the night, TWICE guided fans through the songs off of their latest album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. Returning onstage in elegant pastel colors, TWICE started off with “The Scientist,” the lead track of the album. A stark contrast from their debut-era releases, the song highlights the group’s growth as it leans into the members’ lower vocal registers and incorporates clever and highly-detailed choreography. During “Real You,” cameras were situated along the corners of the main and extended stages. The members split up, sang directly to the cameras, and threw series of cute fan-service at the crowd at any given opportunity. TWICE then returned to the mainstage for one of the most beloved B-side tracks on the album, “Moonlight.” The song’s disco vibes and feel-good lyrics had everyone swaying and clapping to the beat.

TWICE slowed things down and showcased their vocal prowess through effortless harmonies in the moving ballad, “Cactus.” The emotional performance was elevated by a stunning LED display of red flowers and a waterfall pouring down onto a mist-covered stage. As they moved onto “Rewind,” the amount of soul and passion TWICE delivered in these two songs alone calmed the crowd and melted everyone’s hearts.

TWICE’s stamina was put to the test towards the end of the set. The group crammed in as many of their top-charting title tracks as they could in back-to-back performances, such as “What is Love,” “Knock Knock,” and “More & More.” During their much-needed break, Nayeon openly voiced how difficult it was to perform the last song. “As you can see me breathing, ‘More & More’ is the hardest performance for us.” Although they debated on whether to keep it on the setlist, the members opted to keep it as ONCE had yet to see it live in person. Her comment was met with cheers as ONCE commended them for their strong efforts. After catching their breath, TWICE went on to perform “Dance The Night Away,” “Alcohol-Free,” and “Heart Shaker.”

@ashleewithluv If you were this guy at the first twice concert, you are an ICON #twice #twiceconcert #fyp ♬ original sound – ashleec123

Intermissions also made space for interactive content with the audience. Just like during the TWICELIGHTS tour, ONCE were tasked with completing special missions as a light-hearted and interactive diversion before the next set. As cameras randomly honed in on people in the audience, those chosen were challenged to show off their dance moves to the group’s songs. When LA native Brian Coscocuella saw himself on the big screens, he immediately understood the assignment and transformed his section into his personal dance floor. “I was just being myself, living in the moment, and enjoying life at a TWICE concert!” he shared with the Kpopconcerts team. “I guess you can say the dance moves are a way for me to express my love for TWICE!”

TWICE continued to upgrade their performances with theatrical unit stages for three original unit tracks off of their third full album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. Jihyo, Sana, and Dahyun took the stage first with the glamorous dance pop track, “Push and Pull.” Momo, Chaeyoung and Nayeon then came hot in an all-pink ensemble and matching pink convertible for their hip-hop song, “Hello.” Lastly, Mina, Jeongyeon, and Tzuyu rounded off the unit stages with a mesmerizing light show performance for their reggae-pop song “1,3,2.” Each stage was vastly different from the other, but perfectly highlighted each member’s strengths as vocalists and performers.

TWICE 4th World Tour 'III' In Los Angeles, CA

Trading their stage outfits for the comfort of their tour hoodies, t-shirts, and sweats, TWICE slowed things down with “Candy,” the beloved all-English track dedicated to ONCE. Snow rained down on the stage as the members charmed the audience with their airy vocals. In stark contrast, the venue exploded into a frenzy as TWICE turned up the heat with an EDM performance of “The Feels (Benny Benassi Remix).” While the original embodied funk, the remix tapped into the EDM space and had fans jumping along to the heavy beats. 

While most tours strictly adhere to a predetermined setlist, this tour made sure that each show left ONCE with a different experience. For the closing set, a roulette wheel with several of TWICE’s hit songs was brought on stage and used to determine the last few songs to round up the night. Before they began, the members asked the audience for their suggestions – to which fans proudly screamed “TT!” Their wish was granted as the wheel landed on “TT Remix,” followed by “Cheer Up,” and “Likey.” 

In a matter of hours, TWICE showcased what it means to be loved and instill love onto others. By the end of the night, ONCE were left with their hearts filled to the brim with bliss, a spring in their step, and the desire to continue to reciprocate love to TWICE in their future activities.

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