World Famous Producer SHAUN and R&B Star Yuna Release Collaboration Single, “So Right”

Shaun and Yuna for their collaboration single, "So Right"
Cr. Unbound Entertainment Group & Records

South Korean DJ, musician, producer SHAUN finally released his highly anticipated single, “So Right,” featuring Malaysian R&B artist, Yuna.

“So Right” is a song that teases the emotions of “love at first sight” and the butterflies that  accompany those feelings. With lyrics such as “Hit and run / Came into my life like the morning sun” and “I can’t explain or comprehend / This should feel wrong / Something about you just feels / So right,” the song perfectly taps into the unexplainable feelings and emotions of falling in love with someone when you least expect it.

The exciting project began last October when SHAUN and Yuna met in a studio in Los Angeles. Following that exchange, the two remained in contact and continued to work on the song from their respective countries. SHAUN led the overall production, composition, and arrangement of the track while Yuna also participated in the composition and crafted the lyrics and narrative to drive this production home.

SHAUN’s voice is highlighted through sensuous beats and deep sounds complemented with the snare, finger snaps, and kicks. In addition, Yuna’s soft vocals captivate listeners on top of the fascinating guitar sound, completing the sensibility of “So Right.”

Yuna is a global top singer-songwriter representing hijabsters, a compound word between “hijab” and “hipsters.” She is receiving enthusiastic support from the MZ generation for actively expressing modern women’s images beyond that of a traditional Muslim woman.

SHAUN is a South Korean producer, singer-songwriter, and currently the most-streamed DJ in Asia. Shaun is the artist behind the mega-hit single “Way Back Home.” With two billion streams worldwide and credited as one of the top 10 most streamed K-Pop male artist on Spotify from 2019-2021, the multifaceted hitmaker is grabbing the attention of the entire world.

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