StayC Is Here and Ready to “RUN2U” in New Comeback

StayC RUN2U comeback showcase
Cr. High Up Entertainment

The teen-pop connoisseurs StayC have returned! While attending StayC’s exclusive media showcase before their comeback release, Kpopconcerts got an inside scoop on the girls’ new album and music video. Their new title track “RUN2U” is a fresh single all about their strong desire to run to you to gain your love, no matter what others say. “RUN2U” is paired with easily imitable choreography that will have you dancing through your house while you’re getting ready for the day, as is StayC’s signature at this point. 

The new album, YOUNG-LUV.COM has six tracks, “RUN2U,” “SAME SAME,” “247,” “YOUNG LUV,” “BUTTERFLY” and “I WANT U BABY.” During the showcase, each member noted their favorite song. Yoon mentioned “YOUNG LUV” as her favorite because she likes heavy metal, with J and Seeun agreeing with her. J added that she’s excited to present their new image with the song. Sieun chose “SAME SAME,” gushing that she listened to the guide song before they started recording, and immediately fell in love with the song. Isa spoke about her love for “BUTTERFLY,” saying “I like R&B, so I am naturally drawn to it as it is a perfect R&B song.” In another tie for favorites, Sumin shared that she loves “BUTTERFLY” as well – “The mood of the song is totally my type, and you can check out my new vocal style.” 

Before the album release, StayC’s fanbase SWITH were well-fed, with jaw drop worthy teasers released almost daily, but also with a new website to really dive into their new concept: YOUNG-LUV.COM. The teasers were also posted to the Y2K-inspired site, and eventually the new music video was posted there as well! SWITH were able to see the new album’s true concept through this interactive measure. 

STAYC showcase performance for "RUN2U"
Cr. High Up Entertainment

The showcase also featured the debut performance of “RUN2U,” and the group’s charisma was on full display. The choreography starts out impactful right away, combining J’s signature deep vocal tone with passionate movements set to the synth rhythm. The song’s intro is intense, reminiscent of 2nd generation K-Pop’s EDM trends. Unfortunately for fans of the girls’ signature line, the song doesn’t feature the famous “StayC girls, it’s going down!” adlib. It does, however, have an incredible bridge complete with the members flaunting their vocal abilities. 

StayC may have come back rather quickly, but the quality of their music and overall concept are very much intact. They’re forging their own identity fiercely, and are truly a group to keep a close eye on.

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