Yoo Ara and Yunjo Were Originally Selected for After School

New revelations have come out about two leading members of recently announced girl group Hello Venus. Yoo Ara and Yunjo’s history with Pledis Entertainment nearly saw them being a part of After School.

Pledis Entertainment held auditions to “Find the 9th member of After School” in 2009. In the auditions Yoo Ara came top securing first place. Yoo Ara went on to take part in the “Happy Pledis” album. She was chosen for the leader of Hello Venus because of her school girl image and vocals, along with being skilled in Japanese as most groups tend to release tracks in Japan.

Yunjo took part in “Dream”, from After School’s first album. During her trainee days she had many fans because of her looks.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “There were plans of putting these two pretty and talented girls as part of After School. But they had the potential to bring out their charms in a new girl group, so with many thoughts, we decided to put them in Hello Venus.”

Hello Venus are made up of Nara, Alice, Ra-im, and Yooyoung. The group is due to debut in early May.


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