YG Entertainment Quick to Squash Latest Seungri Drunken Night With Anna Kubo

Seungri HK

Big Bang’s Seungri was recently caught on tape with Anna Kubo on a night out in Hong Kong.

The video saw Seungri being kissed by Anna Kubo and holding hands with each other.

But unlike the first scandal involving the Japanese gossip magazine, YG Entertainment were quick to release a statement about the latest tape.

YG Entertainment claimed that “It’s not a scandal,” putting down any possible rumours surrounding Seungri and Kubo.

The pair went out with other co-stars from ‘The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case‘ after a late-night filming session.

YG Entertainment went on to say, “Nothing amounting to a scandal has occurred.”

Anna Kubo has also been connected to Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan previously.


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