YG Entertainment Promises a Bigger Line Up Next Year with More Debuts to Come

YG Entertainment Lee Hi
YG Entertainment are making major waves in Korea’s music industry with eyes from every major agency watching them.

Lee Hi was the most recent debut from YG, with her first song “1,2,3,4” released on October 29. She has currently held the number one spot for two weeks beating Busker Busker’s record of 12 days.

YG’s Yang Hyun Seok personally picked and trained Lee Hi, meaning that a lot of resources went into training and supporting Lee Hi before her debut. Yang Hyun Suk made sure that she had a private practise room and well as personally overseeing her training.

Her album and music video had a large investment from YG Entertainment which ensured that she did well.

Additionally, Yang Hyun Suk cancelled a trip to the US to make sure that Lee Hi’s first stage went well. YG Entertainment have a track record of investing a lot of time in its artists which could an attributing factor to their success.

Big Bang had five years spent on carefully selecting it’s members and a strategy to debut the group. 2NE1 took one year less than Big Bang at four years in carefully selecting its members. Lee Hi, you could say, was fast tracked at just under a year.

Yang Hyun Suk has definately got something right in the way that he puts out artists, a keen eye in Lee Hi saw that she did well. But it could have gone differently as many thought that Lee Hi was too risky to debut. Other artists doing well at the moment include Psy and Epik High.

Currently YG are planning to debut three new sets of artist in 2013.


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