B2ST Pose for 1st Look

B2ST recently posed for the latest edition of 1st Look magazine and an interview about their plans for 2013.

The boys were styled in a mature way with toned down shirts, knits and denim. The unique piece of the photoshoot was the Diesel watches on their wrists. The watches were Korea Exclusive Editions designed for Korean and to celebrate The Dark Knight Rises.

The interview with the boys revealed that Yoon Du Jun would be focussing on this acting next year. He is scheduled to appear in Korean drama Iris 2 and the film Return of the Family.

“I′ve calmed down now, and compared to how I was when I first made my debut, I′ve become more laid back,” he said. “Of course there are moments when I still become very anxious and confused, but the time for me to express myself with less pressure is on its way. That′s why these days I feel all my work is fun.”

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang said, “I learned during my two years with Win Win how to become more positive, and how to live life,” while Yong Jun Hyung added, “If 2012 was a year in which B2ST grew more mature, I hope 2013 will become a year in which that maturity bears fruit.”

Jang Hyun Seung said, “I hope 2013 becomes a year in which each B2ST member gets to show off his own charms and potential.”

Yang Yo Seop commented, “Like we won the Grand Prize in 2011 with Fiction, we′ll work hard to win another one in 2013.”

Son Dong Woon finished off with, “People feel especially lonely in December, but I hope everyone realizes that there are a lot of people around them who care.”

You can read the full interview and see all the photo in the latest 1st Look issue.


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