Woohee Joins Dal Shabet as Viki Exits the Group

Dal Shabet introduces new member Woohee to replace Viki, as she decides to withdraw from the group.

Happy Face Entertainment have said in a statement that, “Viki will be following solo activities and the new member ‘Woohee’ has filled in her position. Woohee is a trainee from Happy Face Entertainment and will become the new member of ‘Dal Shabet’ as her image goes along well with the group.”

They also introduced Woohee to the press, “Woohee is the same age as Dal Shabet’s Ahyoung and Jiyul, who were all born in 1991. She is currently attending the Donga Institute of Media and Art as a Broadcasting Entertainment major, spending years dreaming of becoming a singer and has been a trainee for several years. She is very talented, possessing outstanding vocals and dance skills.”

Woohee’s opening statement said, “I’m excited to be joining the Dal Shabet, a group that I’ve always liked. But I’m also worried because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fill in Viki unnie’s shoes. I’m grateful for Seri unnie and the other members for being good to me and making me comfortable. I will work hard as I am a member who has debuted in the middle [after Dal Shabet has debuted themselves] and I hope that everyone will look forward [to my future appearances].”

Dal Shabet will be releasing their first studio album on June 7.

Source: Newsen


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