Wonder Girls’ Member Lim Shares her Celebration through Twitter

It has been three years since Lim joined the Wonder Girls, and it’s already her twentieth birthday. Fans are excited and feeling emotions of happiness for Lim’s truly wonderful moment.

Many netizens have sent her great feedback on Twitter including, “Happy Birthday Wonder Girls’ Lim @WG_Lim #LIMisCOOL,” “,Happy Birthday to Wonder Girls’ maknae @WG_Lim #LIMisCOOL,” and “,Happy birthday my baby lim ^^ My baby has grown up so much~ i love u :* #LimisCOOL.” As you can see, fans are using a, recently common hashtag; #LimisCool.

So far, she has posted two photos of this birthday event on Twitter:



Source and Image: WelcomeKpopersWorld’s Twitter, ♔페이여신/王霏霏 Fei Facts’s Twitter, Min Sunye’s Twitter, Wonder Girls Official Twitter


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