Wonder Girls on set of their new movie “The Wonder Girls”

Wonder Girls recently tweeted pictures from the set of their new TV movie “The Wonder Girls”. One of the pictures is with the girls and Park Jin Young.

Their debut in the US as actors will be aired on Teen Nick, with the plot of the move about members who are trying to debut in the US, very similar to real life.
[ad#GA-468-text] “The Wonder Girls” will be the first US movie where the lead actors are Asian singers.

In response to the tweeted pictures people commented, “Hye Lim looks like the Statue of Liberty. All the members look like Hollywood stars.” “Did Park Jin Young shoot the movie too? He is acting a lot these days. I’m enjoying your series.” “I hope the movie will be successful.”

“The Wonder Girls” is due to air on February 2 on Teen Nick.

Source: TV Report


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