Who is G-Dragon in love with?


Recently on twitter and instagram, G-Dragon sparked the curiosity as well as jealousy of many fans after tweeting “I’m fallin’ in love with her” with an attached photo. With G-Dragon’s recent joining on twitter, he was able to create much controversy with this tweet alone.

The photo; featuring the girl that G.D is in love with could be seen below:

Fortunately the photo he attached relieved the heart of many fans as it was just a poster he was kissing. The photo G-Dragon posted is a picture of the Dark Knight Rises poster, featuring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Nonetheless, many fans still managed to suffer from heart attacks with netizens commenting on the photo: “I envy her……♥ Please kiss me too!! haha”, “So JEALOUS!! >_<“, “I wish I was Anne Hathaway. >.<” and more.



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