Where are BIGBANG likely to visit on the Alive Tour 2012

As previosuly posted on Kpopconcerts.com, BIGBANG are due for a comeback on Febuary 29th with their album ”Alive’, followed by their first world tour.  Where are the 5 member boyband likely to visit?

On 2 March 2012, the BIGBANG world tour will kick-start at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, Korea with three consecutive sold out dates. BIGBANG is then set to take their tour to Asia, North and South America, and Europe, performing in 25 cities in 16 countries.

– YG Life

ASIA – After their 3 sold out dates in Seoul, Korea they are likely to visit Japan, as they have previosuly performed in Japan and recieved support from Japanese fans. They are also likely to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the phillipenes.

North America – The United States, as there have been sucessful concerts in the US recently, if Bigbang do visit America, it is likely that they will visit more than one state.
South America – Brazil and Peru, as they hold 38% and 44% of votes in the american devision. Mexico as they are first in the Additional country poll.

Europe – From the poll it looks as if Bigbang will visit Germany, France and the UK. The UK might come up small however, taking into consideration their warm welcome from UK fans when they came to the UK for the EMAs, and the YG flashmob held in London last summer, and proposed plans for a YG concert I’m confident that Bigbang will perform in the UK.

YG flashmob London.

G-Dragon’s responce. ‘“I really? like this feeling. Despite the fact that we haven’t performed there yet, we’ve been given a lot of love already. If the opportunity came, my heart desperately wants to go and enjoy the stage with all of these people.“

*Please not that the above are predictions for the Alive Tour 2012, they are not garunteed or yet confirmed. They are not in anyway official.
Credit: Poll images from BIGBANGs official facebook page.


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