What’s new for “Gangnam Style”?

Psy’s Gangnam Style

As you all may know, “Gangnam Style,” by Psy, has set the Internet ablaze and molded a good path for Psy’s drift to the U.S. music industry.

On YouTube, “Gangnam Style” has received 233,449,275 views and 2,287,229 likes; this is the most liked video on YouTube.

Just today, this popular song has reached number one on the UK iTunes song and video charts. Recently, it climbed to the top on the U.S. iTunes song chart, and is number one on Belgium’s, Canada’s, Denmark’s, Finland’s, Greece’s, Netherlands’, and New Zealand’s iTunes song charts, as of now.

As mentioned before, the release of this song has paved a road for Psy’s endeavors in the music industry. Psy has been featured on many U.S. talk shows and interviewed on several radio shows, such as, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and iHeartRadio. If you weren’t aware, Psy has signed a contract with Island Records; Justin Bieber’s agency.

“Gangnam Style” has everyone on a craze; how much longer do you think this will withstand?


Source and Image: Youtube, iTunes. KpopStars, Entertainment Weekly, Facebook

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