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Since some of us on Kpopconcerts are drama addicts- Points at self- we thought we would share what makes us so obsessed. Obviously for those of us living outside Korea it is really hard to watch the shows the same time they air because, A- its really hard to get Korean Channels on cable/ Time difference and B- well not all of us are fortunate enough to understand Korean – which doesn’t stop us a lot of the time-. This article could serve as a guide to what to watch or keep an eye out for when you get the chance. Bare in mind that if you are waiting for English Subs you would have to wait for at least 2 days for them to be available on various websites.


Sunday 4th of March

Running Man usually airs on Sundays and this weeks episode features non- other than Big Bang who are promoting their Album ‘Alive’. Big Bang will be competing against the Running Man team to be crowned victors. It promises to be a very entertaining episode so be sure to tune in!


Monday 5th of March

Tuesday 6th of March

These two days have recently been taken up by Dream High 2 which has start airing on the 30th of January so is in its 10th episode right now. I would definitely recommend this drama it is soo much fun! The characters are so adorable, the story is very interesting and thankfully very different from the first season. It features several Idols and Celebrities such as Kang Sora, 2am‘s Jinwoo, JB, T-ara’s Jiyeon, SISTA’s Hyorin and Park Seo-Joon-some who have stepped into acting for the first time.


Wednesday 7th of March

Thursday 8th of March

Ah! Wednesday and Thursday have so far been my favourite because they feature one of the best dramas I have seen in a long time!! The Moon That Embraces The Sun (MES) and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (BVS) both air on Wednesday and Thursday on different Channels.



So far, MES has scored the highest drama ratings for the year of 2012 because of its unstoppable drama and absolutely amazing story, outstanding acting from the main actors. Kim Soo Hyun is unbelievably good in this drama, he can portray an emotion with just the flick of an eye or a smirk. Both the adult actors as well as the young ones are highly impressive in this drama. Next week features the finale of the drama- so for those of you who have been watching it from the beginning this is a bitter sweet end!  A definite definite recommendation even if you are not a periodic drama lover!




BVS is a drama that debuted on the same day as MES but unfortunately hasn’t been as popular. It is a very good drama with a very good story, but what makes it even more special is that its an actual true story. Maybe it wasn’t as dramatic in real life but the drama story is definitely impressive with massive twists right at the beginning all the way through. This upcoming week also features the final two episodes from the drama which is really exciting because we just don’t know how it will turn out! This  also comes highly recommended by us!

For full reviews of the drama check out our Review section for synopsis and impressions.

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