MBLAQ’s SeungHo Hospitalized!

MBLAQ have recently released their second single ‘Run‘ and were in the midst of recording for Mnet‘s “M! Countdown” when Leader SeungHo collapsed and was taken to hospital.

All that is known so far is that SeungHo was suffering from a herniated disc and overexerted himself during the second set while dancing to their follow up song ‘Run’. He is currently being treated by medical staff and monitored closely. He will be resting for the day while the rest of the members carry out the rest of their promotional activities.

MBLAQ members recently posted on Twitter about how difficult the choreographu to “Run” was, causing many fans to worry especially on Seungho’s condition.

MBLAQ are also currently filming the 5th season of Hello Baby! We bet the kids will miss their favourite Appa! We along will all the A+s wish him a quick recovery!

Check out their- difficult yet VERY awesome dance below,

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Source: Soompi


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