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1) Open Entertainment Scandal

The CEO of Open World EntertainmentJang Sek Woo, was arrested for alleged charges of sexual harrassment, assault, and rape on the 10th April 2012. Now on April 15th, Kangnam police confirmed, that Open World Entertainment‘s CEO had indeed ordered male idol group members to participate in the sexual harassment of six of his trainees. Police revealed that the CEO could face several charges of gang rape, and that investigations also revealed that he had indeed ordered his male idol groups to participate in the abuse.

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2) F(x)’s Krystal pictured in London

A picture has surfaced on dkpopnews showing four compiled photo’s of F(x)’s Krystal in London. The historic building in the background of Westminster Abbey in the UK’s capital. There are however questions as to why she would be in London.

3) Welcome Back Kangin!!

After completing his 2 year in the military, Super Junior member Kangin has finally been released. Pictures of his emotional reunion with the members have also been released on several community boards.

4)JYJ’s Junsu to release solo album

According to C-JeS Entertainment,  JYJ’s Kim Junsu is reported to be releasing his first full length solo album next month. It is said that he album will drop in May and he will be going on a solo tour the same month!!

5) SISTAR ‘Alone MV released

SISTAR have released their MV for ‘Alone‘ on the 12th of April. The MV was filmed in Las Vegas and features the girls looking glamorous.

Check it out below,

6) After School’s New member ‘Gaeun’

Ga Eun (17) is the latest addition to After School and is set to make her official debut with the group on June 21 with their new album. When Ga Eun debuts it will make After School consist of nine members, including Gahee, Joo Yeon, Nana, UEE, Jung Ah, Raina, Lizzy, and E-young.


7) B.A.P to come back next week!

Fierce rookie group B.A.P have confirmed their come back will be next week!

TS Entertainment said they have been filming for their new MV this week and the single album will be released April 26th.


8) debut and star in ‘Saranghae, I love you’

CSC’s new boygroup pronounced “Chilgusai” consists of the four members Yoo Hang HoonJo HoonLim Jong Hyun and Kim Eung Joo. They have gained a lot of attention even before their debut for being cast in new Indonesian-Korean drama ‘Saranghae, I love you’. They have also released their single ‘I’ll be famous

Check it out the MV teaser below,

9) YG release picture of mysterious girl

Eagle eyed YG fans would have spotted the release of a mysterious girl posted on its official blog ‘YG Life Blog’, only with the title “Who’s that Girl???”.

Fans are assuming that this new girl is most likely part of a new YG girl group that is slated to debut in May.


10) SNSD teaser for ‘I AM’ released

‘I AM’ is SM Entertainments up and coming documentary film.

After posters from  SHINee, f(x), BoAKangtaTVXQSuper Junior and various teaser videos. SM have now unveils posters of Girls Generation. 


11) T-ara to open store on G-Market

T-ara will be opening up a shop with G-Market called T-ara Star Shop. T-ara will help to design some of the spring fashion items that will be available in the shop. T-ara Star Shop is set to open on April 16 and products will be available until the end of the month.


12) APink’s Homepage turned into countdown for debut

A PINK have turned their homepage into a countdown to the release of their upcoming album next week.

The countdown is set to see a special release on April 19. The screens on the homepage also mark the one year anniversary of A PINK.


13) Big Bang in Taiwan

Big Bang was received by over 1,200 screaming fans upon their arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. Big Bang landed in Taiwan for the first time on April 9 to an airport full of fans and local media.

On April 10 the group moved onto the ‘Taipei 101‘ to hold their official press conference, which saw various media outlets like CTV, CTS, FTV, TTV, and more.


14) IU to come back in May

K-pop singer IU

IU’s comeback album is going through the finishing touches and should be back on the music scene in May. IU released her most recent album, “Last Fantasy“, six months ago. With the success that her last album achieved there is great expectations for her upcoming comeback album.

IU will be embarking on her domestic tour on June 2, starting at Kyunghee University Peace Palace and then moving onto six other cities

15) Get the look – 4Minute and EXO

Kpopconcerts presents this new section where the editors look high and low to recreate popular kpop looks! This month’s addition is of 4minute’s MV ‘Volume up’ and EXO’s ‘MAMA’



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