Rookie girl group member Goeun from Laysha, suffered an unfortunately wardrobe malfunction during a live stage performance.

The video sweeping the internet shows Goeun doing the splits and almost exposes herself due to the lack of safety shorts.

Some netizens have pointed out that she is wearing underwear, but is similar to an accident that involved Girls Day’s Sobin.




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  1. Sorry to say that but kpop is going to fall… If group like kara is going to disband i’m not going to follow sex groups like mimbino or laysha…
    Snsd 2ne1 kara t-ara 4minute etc.. begins thier teams when they were young girls and non of thier member showed thier * to reach the heart of fans … Sorry to say that but lets but a names and periods, kpop begin to fall since sistar And girls day they brought that style, Please show us talent make me hear voice… Porn sites are very much, music has its time and those things are something else not an art

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