VOLUME UP Concept Photos + Information on genres, themes and styles in the album

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3rd mini album ‘Volume Up’

Hot issue maker ‘4minute’, who always causes a great commotion with each album release in South Korea, will soon be back. Their new mini album ‘Volume Up’ is a rare case as it contains seven tracks making 4minute’s strong will for their comeback stage apparent.

[ad#GA-468-tx-Jo] The title song called ‘Volume Up’ was made by S.Tiger and Rado, both of whom have worked with 4minute since their debut, and with the sounds of a saxophone in the song, it delivers a peculiar addictive quality for listeners. The lyrics express in a 4minute style why people love girl groups and their different sides. A lot of appealing and light music has recently dominated the world of singers to win charts; instead, 4minute’s new title song conducts the stories that are hard to broach with its strong sounds. This new title song is very shocking due to how innovative and new it is.

[ad#GA-468-img-Jo] After K-POP syndrome hit, international K-POP fans positioned 4minute as their main favor thanks to 4minute’s song quality; likewise, their other seven songs reflect diverse styles. The intro song ‘Get on the Floor’ contains fierce hip-hop sounds, and ‘Say My Name’ with Latin hip-hop clearly conducts a more exciting 4minute song. Various musicians have collaborated on this album; one of them being a Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo (M) helped to create the song ‘Femme Fatale’. The song ‘Dream Racer’, which sounds incongruous in K-POP, was produced by indie Band “The KOXX”.

Others included are a ballad song, ’I’m OK’ which is noticeable with its full-blown sensitivity and an electric dance song, ‘Black Cat’ is formed with swing sounds.

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