United Cube Concert London 2011 Competition [CLOSED]

To celebrate the first big kpop concert in the UK and also the launch of kpopconcerts.com in association with Terracotta Distribution (The leading Korean film distributor).

We’re going to give away 2 tickets to a lucky reader of kpopconcerts.com!

All you have to do is comment below on why you like United Cube and the impact of them being the first kpop concert in the UK.

The concert will be held on Dec 5th at O2 Academy Brixton.

Winners will be selected on Dec 1st by our editors so make sure you leave a valid email address.

Good luck readers!

Age Restrictions: No under 14’s standing and to be accompanied by an adult.


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  1. I really like United Cube being the first kpop concert in the UK, because i think with all the Cube artists, there is a wide range of music types to fulfill everyone needs. It will be a great introduction for everyone into Kpop, showing them both the male idol side with Beast, to the female idol side with 4min and G.NA. As a male Kpop fan, and 4nia, i would love to show much support to them showing they have many people over here who appreciate everything they do, from all ages/gender, and they are always welcome (:

  2. I like united cube because Beast are going to perform and I’m a big fan of them and It’s really nice that this is a first kpop concert in London I guess. :)

  3. OMG! I really wanted to go to the Cube concert for my birthday! I’m so happy and proud that Cube are making a big Hallyu step abroad!! I would be so grateful if i could win the tickets to go watch the artists… Beast are my favourite band of all time XD Cube are an amazing label with amazing bands and freedom! Their fan service is amazing and being the first k-pop concert here makes me a proud B2UTY XD .. Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. United Cube was before not one of the BIG3 , but now its part of the BIG4 – This just shows how much bigger they’ve became.
    B2ST – is just HEAVEN… each of the members can sing dance and they have different talents.
    G.NA – She’s soo talented and soo pretty
    4Minute– these dorky girls just make me laugh
    that was in summarised form — but for a more summarised form it is that UCUBE = Love
    Them coming to London is a big step, they do not know much about there fan base over here and through holding a concert here they are putting their reputation on the line — Hands up for Bravery…. They are also trying to spread the Hallyu wave.. Lots of people have been complaining that the UK doesn’t get recognition in terms of kpop, however CUBE is just making sooo manyyyy dreams come true

  5. I admire United Cube for being the first to bring a big K-Pop concert to the UK. Hopefully others will notice how determined and grateful us fans are within the UK, and therefore they bring additional concerts to the UK and spread the K-Pop love. =)

  6. why i love united cube ? well thats an easy question ,because of it’s amazing talents that the company holds. i mean 4 minute , b2st and Gna are such inspiring people to many people worldwide. we should be lucky ,as they are favored by many people in many countries. i would have never thought that they would have a concert here ^__^. there will be a massive impact that will come out from it. there will be lots more fans after this concert. As Kpop will appeal to many people. not only will this attract more fans for Beast, 4minute , Gna. it will spread towards other groups/singers like Bigbang , super junior, kara , tablo. this will encourage people to look at Korea at new perspective and increase the sales and love from fans :D . oh and finally, i wish the lucky person who won to have the best time everr at the concert ^__^ :DD

  7. I was really excited about United Cube but when I found out the price, I could no longer go and was really disappointed. I love B2ST, 4minute and G.Na and went to Korea Calling to encourage them to come here. The concert seems so fun looking at the videos online and it would be my first kpop concert ever which would be absolutely amazing for me. I believe that they would have a large impact on kpop here. It’s already getting bigger and with them coming to England could gain kpop some media coverage on the tv/radio/newspapers and more CD’s being sold in multiple HMV’s and other CD shops. It would also encourage other groups/companies to perform in to country as well.

  8. I like cube because Hyuna has a lot of charisma and i’ve been supporting B2st since their debut. I am so glad that they are the first label to represent korea in the UK.

  9. I love United Cube because of the family bond they have, it’s heart-warming!~
    Their music is so good, I love it all of them are so talented!
    The impact of them being the first big kpop concert is that it will raise awareness of kpop and cube will make legendary history!

  10. United Cube are a close knit family and it is always a pleasure to see them interact with each other ie, G.NA’s twitpics. I personally find the dances slicker and hotter than most groups which are inspiring and captivating, making me really appreciate their hard work. I want to see the moves on stage myself. The music it self is a brilliant mixture which I love. Each album I have is always on my laptop, CD player , car… and singing along as best as I can.

    United Cube is paving the way for other artists to perform in the UK. It shows how much the UK audience love K-POP. Before the UK and Europe have felt ignored but with concerts coming we feel our fan chants are being heard. This concert will hit the music industry harder and will be recognized more here. I also think that artist would be more open to work with Britsh producers maybe moving into our music scene. More people will be open to listen to the music and more support here will be gained. We will also have more access to k-pop in our music stores.

  11. I think its great to have the United Cube for a chance to allow Kpop singer which inspire us and to participate in UK, for as many of us don’t get a chance in a life time to see this happen.

    My only dissapointment is not to be able to attend cube because due to money difficulties =[.

    But still, I support cube to be able to pull this concert off with a brilliant success ^^, it would be really nice to see this success in progress.

  12. united cube brings together three different bands from k-pop making it have a diverse sound. united cube has BEAST performing !!!! united cube being the first kpop concert in uk will show how much kpop is loved in uk and could open the doors for many k-pop artists to bring their tours to the uk.

  13. I like United Cube because they have good music + two of their artists are in Pump It Up which makes it even better

    The impact of them being the first kpop concert in the UK is that if this goes well, more kpop labels like SM and YG may come here which is always a good thing :D

  14. ~ United Cube ~

    I may be one of the biggest male fans of both 4Minute, Beast and G.NA (who is slowly growing on me), just the impact of their songs on people is amazing. e.g. 4Minute – “Muzik” makes everyone want to go crazy with its catchy-ness and is so upbeat, this is where i think European music fails. The synchronized dance moves from all groups make it so much more interesting and fun to listen to, learning the dance also make Korean pop music in general more enjoyable!

    The impact this concert will bring to the UK I personally think will be Huge. Korean pop music is already being rapidly recognized over here by all ages and this concert taking place will ensure fans that the inevitable is happening, their favorite bands are coming and they’ll be able to see them soon! This concert will also help spread the K-pop vibe making people more aware of Korea, Improving Korea’s already amazing reputation. I wish the best for Korea, the bands and everyone that have made this concert happen.

  15. Hello, my name is Claudia am from Portugal and my dream is to follow the bands of the cube to everywhere but unfortunately is not possible for monetary reasons. I would be very happy if you could start that dream as it would be the first concert I attended kpop …I appreciate the opportunity you are offering fans because it is very important for us to offer some help for our dreams come true. I hope to be chosen for this opportunity … A big thank you, I’m hoping to get some news of you. :)

  16. Kpop! KPop, is an increasingly popular trend, spreading thought many different nations, not only is it a massive trend but it has also become a culture which plays a huge role on influencing the minds of young children. I feel that due to the fact that the United Cube concert is one of the first major Kpop concerts to be held in the UK it will also be the most memorable. I along with many other Kpop fans will be forever grateful to United Cube for bringing Korea’s beautiful culture to the UK. I admire United Cube for moulding each and every individual idol into the spectacular groups the heart of every Kpop fan beats for.

  17. United Cube are awesome ’cause of 4Minute! They are one of my favourite K-POP groups and I’d love for a chance to see them, as well as the other artists of course. Hyuna is so inspiring. <3 I think Cube are a company who are always producing modern and cool music videos. ^^
    The fact that Cube are the first K-POP concert in the UK is so great because perhaps this means the UK will get more K-POP concerts in the future, and therefore it will be the first of many memorable nights.
    The concert is three days before my birthday so I would really love to go, but I can't afford it. So winning these tickets would really mean a lot to me!
    Thank you for reading my comment and giving me a chance to see my favourite groups. (:

  18. For me, the music of United Cube, recommended by a friend, was my first venture into Kpop.
    I have been hooked ever since, and although I have other favourites, I always find myself missing United Cube.
    I am desperate for the kpop genre to find itself big in Europe an especially the UK. The music made a huge impact on my life and I would love for my country to share in the feeling. Although any kpop company would make a great impact if they came to the UK I am very glad that it is United Cube who are making the step.

  19. I think it’s great that United Cube are having a concert in London…not only are the artists AWSOME but it is also a great opportunity for them to promote kpop to other cultures and with London being one of the most diverse cities in the world, what better place to kick start the kpop reveloution?I live all United Cube artists but my favourite are Beast and I would live to see them….I really hope United Cube Concert can open a whole new lease on the kpop industry not only in the UK but all over the world I really hope they take this opportunity to make Kpop bigger than it already is….Let the kpop reveloution begin☺☺☺☺

  20. I have been interested in kpop for just over 9 years! GNA has one of the most beautiful voices a female soloist could have, and seeing her go against Brian Joo in a “English language battle” was definitely the highlight of her career for me. 4Minute have just started doing a lot of japanese promotions, and i always sit here thinking how lucky they must be, but then remember the work they have put in pre-debut. And then we have Beast, we cant forget beast! how can we, Kikwang is one of my favorites, but then i love all the boys equally, they are professional with a sense of mischievousness wiith the voices able to cover all genre’s. I admire kpop not for its good looking artists, not for their vocals, but for the amount of effort, and respect they give! Kpop brings something freash clean and new every comeback!And you HARDLY see anything about sex, swearing, or racist comments in any of their songs. They have a high sense of fashion, and they all seem to have that quality that makes you look up to them, they are not Idols, but more Ideals, in the way that, thats how a true respectful person should act. Kpop has also opened me up to learn about other cultures, other food and drink, and helped to make me not so shy, and make a lot more friends. I am no longer “the weird person over there who gets bullied” nope, i am now part of a respectable community, that share the exact same goal, to spread the word of Kpop, and to support the bands and idols we love!

  21. Even before becoming a Kpop fan, I have long been addicted to Korean dramas. That was six years ago and the hallyu wave is just starting to penetrate our country, the Philippines. My favourites were full house and lovers in Paris which were truly a big hit! I took this habit of watching these dramas when we migrated to the UK and these addictive soaps became my place for comfort whenever I felt homesick. Then not long after, I discovered Kpop. This type of music seemed so weird and ridiculous to my other friends because you would not understand a thing they’re saying but the melody and pure talent really gets to you. That even though you have no clue what they’re saying the every beat may it be a ballad, rnb or techno seem to automatically communicate to us, Kpop fans and we love every bit of it (and the idols looks are just extra points! Lol) I think the United Cube concert is only the beginning of another global breakthrough. This will not only open doors not only for Korean music but also for more Korean films and drama and also for their culture in the British Market. It is such a privilege to actually see all these happening one at a time. The fact that we know this is going to be amazing, I can’t wait what’s going to happen next! Kpop fighting! >'<

  22. I think this show is very important because it shows that there is indeed a market for Korean music here. I love that after ten years of being a fan of Asian music that a KPOP concert arrives almost on my doorstep. It pretty awesome that all this Korean stuff (SHINee, Korean film festival etc) is happening at once. I feel like for someone my age (25) that loved learning about Korean culture for so long that this is a huge pay off and I will be supporting all the Korean events that happen in London (or slightly outside of london).

  23. I love CUBE United because their songs are so unique and amazing party songs. All the artists in the group make the songs sound amazing. =)
    Also, the impact of CUBE United being held in London will help both UK KPop fans and Korean stars promote gain more popularity. Plus hopefully this will mean more KPop stars will hold concerts in the UK~!.. *A dream come true* ..^0^

  24. Being a kpop fan, i feel that United Cube coming to the UK and performing to their fans is the start of many to come in the near future, especially for those who aren’t able to travel overseas its just a great opportunity for them to see their idols in their home country and its also an opportunity for kpop to widen & share what kpop is all about globally.

    Cube have produced many great artists and groups with such talents not just in their music but in whatever they do whether its simply just from dancing to appearing on shows. These artists such as G.NA, BEAST, 4.Minute etc~ are just some of the reasons on why kpop is expanding globally and as previously said, i feel that United Cube being the first kpop concert is a chance to show what kpop is all about and hopefully many more will follow.

    BEAST is one of my favourite kpop groups and i’ve followed them ever since they first debuted and its not a surprise on how far and well they have done to be one of the top groups to be known in Korea. Their music is just amazing and each individual have their own talents.

  25. i love united cube because of the b2st,4minute, g.na & most importantly “mr cube” – hong. b2st,4minute and g.na had been rejected or had a unsuccessful career before, but mr cube had turnt that around and gave them another chance in the music industry.

    the impacts of them being the first kpop concert is great, since only SM has been doing concert outside asia; this will be a great chance for cube to step up and be more known internationally.

  26. Basically , I generally love the SM idols more than anything , and i do love CuBE but i just think that, for them to give the Uk a chance to experience that feeling of seeing the ones they love perfom is one of the best things in Kpop history , that them as artist will ever witness, love from Europe , they will get a chance to see that they are appreciated everywhere in the world and not only for looks but for the talent they have. I think that this is such a good thing for the Korean artist to see from that indeed we love the korean idols as much as we love the ones that are in our countries, i do hope that they have a wonderful concert and get they love they deserve , lasty the impact that this will have on the music industry ,is that its not always about weather you understand the music lyrics or not , its about how the music touches you.. and for them being the first Group to have such a big concert will open doors for other artist to come and share their music with the wonderful fans.

  27. I think united cube will be the first of many and will have an impact on the rest of korea as they are one of the first the have a big major concert in the UK.

    Because there has been only a few performances done (e.g SHINee’s peformances) alot of fans who love kpop will be willing to go even if they are not B2UTY’s, 4NIA’s or G.NI’s. It’s a whole lot of kpop lovers united!

  28. Will try to keep this short! XD
    I think this is an important step in the hallyu wave for the UK! This year we’ve seen the rise of KPOP flash mobs, two (although they were limited in size) perfomances by shinee, and the korean culture festival in London, which have all seen recognition in the news! With this concert which will hopefully be a huge success, I hope other Kpop groups will follow suit!! :D

    I’m a guy and I mostly like alt-rock and other such indie music :P so when I was first told about kpop, I thought I’d hate it! But when I heard BEAST’s “bad girl” I was like woahhhh this is good! I don’t think it’s bad at all for guys to love kpop! XD And the community that’s built around it has been great for meeting new people! :)

    Just so you know, if I win the tickets, they’ll be used as a present for a girl I know who loves kpop even more than me!! :D

  29. United cube concert would totally make my life. When Beast first debutted i became their fan and brought all their CDS if i see them live and in real life i would be inawed, amazed and gobsmacked.they are one of the best boy groups around ! As for 4minute and G.NA I became really addicted to their songs, G.Na as a soloist is amazing as she has an amazing voice and her songs are also really meaningful. If i were to see all my favourite artists in one concert It would be one unforgettable memory… Being the first Kpop artists to perform in the UK would allow all the other KPOP artists to be more confident with the UK market and this would allow them to promote in the england market which would further expand the ‘Halluy wave’ this would make me as a KPOP fan really happy if more KPOP artists would come to UK and have more concerts…

  30. The reason why I am happy with United Cube is because they have ultimately taken the first step to delivering KPOP concerts in the UK. I love how it’s a family, company concert and so they are representing their company and a fraction of KPOP. Hopefully the concert will show that other KPOP groups can also perform here and the response will be amazing. There’s also been a large increase in the number of fans here in the last few years or so, in a way the concert will be catering for these fans and paving the way for new companies to perform here too.

    Before CUBE it was only the big 3, fans are now seeing it as the big four as Beast, 4 minute and GNA make their way to the top. Beast have proven their popularity by winning mutizens one after the other and they have also had consecutive wins on other shows such as Music Bank. Their catchy songs and choreography make them a favourite amongst korean fans and also fans abroad, even here in the UK. 4 minute have also proven their great skill and popularity. Hyuna alone has millions of views on her song ‘bubble pop’. GNA has a spectacular voice and even as a soloist and has also made an impact in Korea and in the international fandom. I guess the boy group, girl group and soloist make an excellent combination. That’s why cube is the company to watch.

  31. b2st&4minute both have a lot of charisma…most of their songs have a catchy upbeat to it, which makes some european fans fall inlove with them….I’ve been supporting them since debut. It’d be amazing for them to be the first company to represent korea in the UK..

  32. Well all entertainment companies are great right? But thy don’t have what makes CUBE special and that’s B2ST. I mean WHO can refuse these lovely boys, even if you dont support them?! As for 4MINUTE, i mean whats better than a group who takes all its hate and throws it back into their haters face! And finally for GN.A well shes just pure awesome, nothing else need to be said.

    Its impact on the UK?…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS QUESTION?! do you not know how many ravenous fangirls there are out there in the UK starving because they’re deficient in UK based Kpop concerts…. with the United Cube, we will be satisfied from our ever growing hunger, yearning to see the ones we idolize and love. All in all United Cube will be a cultural marker for us and put the UK on the Kpop hotspot list ;)

  33. I love United Cube because it has one of my bias bands BEAST. I love many of their songs, however, my most favorite ones are Fiction and You. I would love to hear them sing the songs in real life, as in live. I would also love to see 4Minute and GNA live. I also United Cube because they are the first ever entertainment company to place a full kpop concert in London. After all the times we have been demanding of a concert.

    Knowing that Cube Concert is the first ever k-pop concert is amazing. Finally, London are known as part of the Hallyu Wave. This has a great impact on not only Cube themselves, but K-pop as a whole, it can finally show others why I love K-Pop so much.

  34. Cube Entertainment, in my head have always been the leading entertainment company. I admit I haven’t been listening to Kpop for a long time but I’ve been there for the debut of the major acts such as BEAST, 4MINUTE and G.NA.
    Ever since 4MINUTE debuted, I knew that Cube would finally get more recognition because they are such a strong and powerful female group, and I was right. After 4MINUTE debuted, BEAST came along which blew everyone away, Cube Entertainment was making their mark in the korean music industry.
    The reason I love United Cube is because they are something different. They are unique. They have have their own individuality that no one can replace. All the United Cube groups are strong and powerful, vocal wise and dance and I can’t help but to be attracted to this. They inspire myself to be strong, and leave a big impact on me.
    Having United Cube being the first Kpop Concert in the UK is going to lead to more recognition to Kpop overall, and because it is United Cube it may make people overlook the general stereotype of Kpop. Some people generally call it as it being like japanese music, having the similar cuteness. However, United Cube isn’t known for being cute, but powerful. It may also lead to even more Kpop concerts in the UK, which is brilliant for us UK Kpop fans! Also, I believe this concert may change the way music is in the UK, through more recognition of Kpop, it may lead to Kpop getting into our UK music charts! Which is defintely a huge oppertunity for any artist, especially korean.
    I appriate this offer KPOPCONCERTS has given, even though I live within the UK, not England but Northern Ireland, I wasn’t able to get hold of tickets and I truely regret missing such an oppertunity. I would deeply love to go to this once in a lifetime oppertunity! It would mean the world to me!

  35. Out of all the k-pop entertainment groups out there, I personally think that United Cube are the right ones to be the 1St performers in the UK from Korea. They have achieved so much in such little time and they known world wide.
    People may not know this but some members from Beast and the other members of Cube were actually part of other Entertainments but they weren’t through and to see them be one of the greatest in the K-pop world, that it quite an amazing thing :). I have listening to K music since I was 11/12 and I remember the first time I heard Beast’s teaser for ‘Bad Girl’, it made my heart melt :P.
    Also G.NA as a solo artist is AMAZING! She is soooooo talented and so pretty, basically she’s got the whole package :), her songs are so addictive, as well as her label mates songs. Also 4Minute, out of all the k-pop girl groups they are known as the ‘hottest’ which is actually quite true to be honest :P. For ‘United Cube’ to perform in the UK is such an honour to us UK-pop fans and this will probably encourage other k-pop artists to come over here and perform too :).
    The Hallyu wave has now officially taken over the UK, first we had Big Bang and SHINee, now we are getting United Cube, could this get any better than that ^.^.

  36. BEAST 4MINUTE and G.Na was a best singing ever i never seen in my live and i just only watch them live on youtube and now unitedcube was coming to UK it’s make me so exciting and happy so much but sadly i am not a rich person and tickets was expensive for me and i can say how’s much they are important to my life and i really want to meet them. I love BEAST 4MINUTE and G.Na, i feel like first concert in UK for them are make we r KLUE stand up and show off more how’s we love them and exciting for warm welcome ;D and i hope they will have a great time in UK

  37. I love United Cube because its fun and entertaining, just being able to watch how close groups within the Cube Ent. interact each other brings a smile to my face. It is a fun way for fans to be able to interact with the artist, which is amazing as my friends and I have been following Cube Ent. and the Kpop industry for some time.
    This being the first Kpop concert in the UK will be a success which will open up the market for more korean culture to be known. And it will also bring more Kpop to the UK, exposing the music indsutry to a wider market as it is more accessible for fans.

  38. To be honest, I was very very surprised when United Cube was confirmed, I just couldn’t believe it! I actually thought I was dreaming. After SHINee came to Abbey Road Studios, I was an emotional state. I saw like a glimpse of them, and then wanted SO MUCH more!!! I thought the chances of a kpop concert coming to london was like 0.000001%!! Well I definitely didn’t think a kpop concert would be confirmed so early in just a few months after Abbey Road Studios! Thought it would take like at least 2 years LOL well anyway, I’m just even more happy that it’s CUBE in particular because they haven’t been doing any tours until now (well I don’t think so anyway), and they chose the UK as one of their first destinations, which makes me feel absolutely ecstatic on soo many levels! Goshh I can’t believe BEAST are gonna be here!!! I finally have the chance to get my fan art to BEAST OMG <3 4Minute OMG <3 G.NA OMG <3

  39. Why I like United Cube and the impact of them being the first kpop concert in the UK?
    Well, since I am a big fan of kpop music I like United Cube for a simple reason: Cube is the best music company ever! And why? Because Cube watch over the artists but don’t control them, Cube understand that they’re people like us and they need to grow up and live their lifes! Cube artist are really talented and in my case I can compare my situation with a Cube’s boy band, my favourite band ever, BEAST.
    The boys had a dream, make their dreams come true and Cube gave them this opportunity, the chance of their lives, the chance to fight for their dreams and what did they do? They fought! Now they are superstars, they have a lot of people following them and they are teaching us to believe in our dreams and fight for them because if they did this, we can also achieve. And this is what I’m doing, I’m fighting for my dream and for one of my best friends dream writing this comment, I’m grabbing the chance that Cube gives me too.
    I know that my friend is fighting a lot for her dream and she can’t go to the concert because the ticket is really expensive, this way I’m participating in this contest not only for me but especially for her.
    And why I like the impact of them being the first kpop concert in the UK? Because this is one of my biggest wishes, see kpop being acknowledged and see Korean culture being accept since I’m the owner of B2st European Fanclub, so my main objective is promote the guys over the Europe. And fundamentally I like this impact because is a chance and I believe that Cube makes dreams come true, so for this Christmas this is my wish!

  40. i like united cube and the impact of them being the first kpop concert in the UK because in my opinion they are very much generous to take this kind of step as none of the other korean agency has thought of coming to the UK due to them not being sure if the have enough fans.however Cube seems to trust the Uk fans as especially B2uty’s are not gonna let them down.oh also because of them doing the first concert here i believe other entertainment agencies would have a impact of coming here as well. CUBE fighting !!

  41. I have been following Korean pop for 5 yrs but not only Korean pop but also everything about the country its culture and movies. I love everything that they have to offer and have been waiting for an opportunity like this as I love G.Na 4minute and Beast (and many other Korean groups such as BIG BANG so glad they won the EMA’s I VOTED FOR THEMMMM) :) thank you!

  42. why? cuz i love kpop.
    And…being able to be part of the first kpop concert will be once in a life time opportunity. And shows the power of kpop is forcing its way to europe… and a sign of kpop becoming INTERNATIONALLLLLL XD woopwoop

  43. Jiyoon, Jiyoon, Jiyoon, Jiyoon…

    Brown Eyed Girls got me into KPop-Wonder Girls dragged me in-and then came 4Minute. I’ve been glued to every single bit of 4Minute news for more than a year now, from following photos on tumblr to reading the latest news. I wait with excitement for each concept, each mv, and each new album. I adore Jiyoon a bit too much!

    I love Fiction by BEAST but 4Minute are my biase here, and my main bias in KPOP after BEG (hail Queen Gain…). So for me to see them would be a dream come true. the concert tickets are extortionate and with Christmas and taking care of my daughter I couldn’t afford them, so being able to go would be amazing.

    CUBE are forging the way in England, and if the UK market is cracked the rest of Europe is bound to follow! Hwaiting CUBE!

  44. Having waited for so lonnggg for one of the many major music companies to bring their talented groups to UK, hearing that Cube Ent. were holding United Cube concert could possibly be the best and unforgettable early christmas present ever. :) i’ve been listening to kpop for almost 4 years now and i have been there since 4mijute, BEAST and G.NA debutted. Personally, out of every single group that’s debutted in kpop, my heart has fallen for BEAST, the reason is that in the group, all the boys have their own personality, it’s mix of everything. You have the cool Junhyujg who’s swagger never dies, yoseob’s cuteness and aegyo, i could go on.
    since BEAST debutted, i have fallen in love with every one of their songs, and each one of group; it’s hard to believe that such a talented group were a recycled group. :o
    Junhyung (i.e. JOKER) has been my personal favouritee, and to have a chance hear his flawless rap live this december, i don’t think there are words that would describe how excited I would be to hear him live. :’)
    I am ecstatic that Cube decided to hold a concert in London, many UK fans, including me, have been waiting patiently for this day to see the performances of BEAST’s simple yet quite difficult shuffling to Fiction, HyunA’s Bubble Pop and G.NA’s Black&White live. and because Cube are holding United Cube in london this year, they have given us more opportunites for other companies such as SM Ent, YG, JUP and more. HALLYU WAVE BABYY!!0
    Unfortunately, i couldn’t get the tickets as i couldn’t purchase them. If i actually won the tickets, i would be over the moon because with my luck, i never win anything, so hopefully i’ll have a chance and win this, *fingers crossed*
    Thank you KPOPCONCERTS for giving us the chance to be able to go~
    Goodluck everyone! 파이팅~! <3

  45. United Cube have some of the best kpop artists around. I love B2ST sooo much! The fact that they are the first kpop concert in the UK is brilliant as they can spread their music and also it means kpop fans in the uk don’t have to travel to asia to see them!! ^_^

  46. Well.. simple and straight forward.. The effort of the artists under the support of the cube entertainment has made it happens. This is a great chance that even sm entertainment still cannot make it…. Congrats… N plus… I am supporting beast… N i hope they can show up their best performance…

  47. UNITED CUBE encourages me. Some of the CUBE artists though were rejected by other agencies they did not give up on their dreams and under the guidance of Mr. CUBE they were able to be successful in the music industry not only in Asia but throughout the world. CUBE has both girl and boy groups as well as solo artists. Their music style also ranges with every album they release. Also they have loads of talent dancing and acting included.
    Though SHINee was the first to perform in UK it was United CUBE that gave UK K-pop fans hope that there would be a K-pop concert in UK. Even though the concert was on the verge of being cancelled due to the riots and lack of funds, we are really glad that they did not cancel it. As a B2UTY I really look forward to see B2ST.

  48. The reason why I love Cube united – BECAUSE THEY ARE TALENTED. They all produce good music and the members all seems to be very close. This is very inspiring. This will be the first proper concert in the UK, it would be an honour to be part of this great event. I believe this event will help bring more kpop in the UK, which is great since there is a very big demand for not just kpop music, but also Korean films, Korean drama and KOREAN FOOD!!!!
    I have always attended flash mobs where we tried so hard to gain the attention of the big entertainment to make them come to the UK, this has proved to be a success.
    Also I was present for the Korea calling, which is where I got my beast cd !!! I REALLY HOPE I CAN WIN A TICKET. chaebal! ;__;

  49. Well i been a fan for kpop for along time i liked it when i first saw it and beast are one my top list of amazing bads i never thought kpop would come here but it is amazing that its is.Cube entermant puts soo much effort and they have amazing singers/rappers with many talents but i would just like them to big hit here even more.so i hope the concert soo very well so in future we get to see them more over here ^^ that would be amazing

  50. Ive stuck with BEAST, ever since their debut! Ive watched their tv shows countless of times, and watched their live performances, almost daily! The same goes for 4minute, theyre amazing no question about it! I love them, and their music!

    NOW that is why i love CUBE! For producing such talented and lovable groups! That are more than ready to dominate the uk!
    By being the first entertainment group to venture to the UK they will set very high standards for future kpop entertainment groups! ! i know theyll do very well all of the CUBE artists!!

    By CUBE entertainment coming to the UK is a dream come true! But being able to be present at the concert would be an even bigger dream come true!!

  51. United Cube. The first of many concerts to be held overseas by the infamous Cube Entertainment, one of the largest and most elite companies leading the Hallyu wave. This is definitely a must see concert for all the KPOP lovers out there, as it showcases performances from spectacular idols such as G.NA, 4Minute & B2ST. What’s there not to love? United Cube quenches the thirst of every KPOP fan with their unique acts that in my heart are considered royalty. This would be an unforgettable experience for any fan. Having dedicated just over a year of my life in attempting to follow in the footsteps of Korea’s culture and traditions, I know I am not alone when I say anyone would be grateful to be in the presence of the infamous idols which were handpicked and raised by Cube. Thank you for taking your time to read this and offering us this fantastic opportunity. It is offers like this that allow the fans abroad to get closer to KPOP.

  52. I don’t like the United Cube…
    I remember watching B2ST performing ‘On Rainy Says’ during a music show, and I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful their voices were and how well they went together, not only that, but the emotion in their voices sent shivers down my spine~
    I also remember watching G.Na trying to teach a girl group a bit of English, even though they weren’t the best students, she was patient and even funny to watch, I thought that she was a really beautiful and kind, and don’t even get me started on her music…
    And 4 minute, I first heard them when they sang the OST to one of my favourite dramas [Personal Taste] since then I listened to tonnes of their music and I really love their style!

    So you could only imagine how I felt when I heard there was going to be a Kpop concert in London! But the way I felt afterwards when I realised it was too expensive for me to go… As a budding kpop artist, I really wanted to be able to experience what it’s like at a concert just once, seeing fans chanting their favourite artist’s name and seeing the artists up on stage too~!

    Even if I don’t win the tickets, can I just say, I don’t like United Cube, I love it!!! <3 CUBE ENTERTAINMENT FIGHTING!!

  53. hmm well where do I start?…I am a big Kpop fan, I’ve been listening to Kpop since 2007 and its been life changing, everything I do in my everyday life is KPOP!
    I’ve been waiting for years for a Kpop concert to happen in the UK and it’s finally happening! When I found out that CUBE was coming I was over-whelmed with emotions, I can’t even imagine standing there in the arena while all CUBE artist are performing, in front of me!

    I believe the Uk kpop fans have done a lot this year concerning Kpop and all our hard work has paid off, I call this year “Year 2011=The year of Kpop” and to see CUBE perform live would top of my year!
    If I don’t win tickets I will still be happy and content at the fact that they’re here in the UK and that many fans will have to opportunity to witness this amazing event.

    Thank you :)

  54. I love Cube entertainment because of the style it has: it’s edgy, playful and emotional. I consider BEAST one of the first bands I fell in love with because it was full of talent, skill and charisma which I think some European or American bands don’t have. Having the United Cube concert in London is revolutionary because it paves the ways for other bands to come and hopefully 4minute, G.NA and BEAST to come again. By them coming here it shows that the world is ready for the hallyu wave to spread worldwide. I really want to win tickets so that I can be one of the first to see kpop spreading and also because my friend and I are in love with Gikwang and it’s hard to express when you’re in a school where some people think Yoseob was a really pretty girl.

  55. I’ll be honest, the main reason I love United Cube is BEAST and 4Minute (I have to be one of the BIGGEST B2UTYS out there, seriously…) I love these two bands especially because every member of them is talented in both singing and dance, which is kind of rare to find (no offence to other KPop groups.) Their music too… SOME OF THE BEST SONGS IN ALL OF HISTORY. NO EXAGGERATION. EVERY new song that comes out never fails to amaze me, and I never get tired of listening to them (No joke. ‘Fiction – B2ST’ is the most listened to song on my iPod… 1284 plays, if you were interested…)

    In fact, United Cube only seems to produce the most talented people of Korea and nobody less. This is probably because they treat their idols with the utmost respect. So Cube, I salute you ^^

    When I heard CUBE was coming to England I cried. A lot. And then I found out I couldn’t go (my family has no money at the moment) and I selfishly cried some more. But, you know, even if I end up not going I am still happy because FINALLY England is going to be recognized by Korea as home to a huge number of KPop fans… THIS CONCERT MARKS THE START OF A NEW ERA IN ENGLAND <3 So thank you United Cube for coming here, bringing with you the rest of the KPop world and their future concerts ^^

  56. Hmm….how shall I begin this…OK I got it =P I have personally enjoyed this year thoroughly due to the fact that from the day I met Rain…I knew this would be the year K-POP truly crosses borders, and I’m so glad that United Cube will be the first K-POP company to host in the UK.

    United Cube to me is the type of company where it nurtures its artist and I believe its most evident in B2ST from Bad Girl to Fiction is an epic progression and progression at that!

    And with 4Minute bursting on the scene with Muzik to Huh to Heart to Heart they’ve shown that they can easily adapt to different genres be it cutesy pop to fierce images…G.NA is growing on me …surprisingly quickly! She has an AMAZING voice…I have no doubts she’ll sound good live…

    I feel Paris for quite a bit has been the epicentre for K-POP, so with this I feel this will cause the French to cry in their bedrooms, comfort eating to a selection of cheeses while we party it up with CUBE!!!

    Anyhowsies I feel that especially for CUBE hosting a concert in an arena where many HUGE acts have performed is an honour for CUBE and for London aswell….

    From Sareedo – representing CUBE since 1994….

    P.S – I have a D-Day clock counting down the weeks/days/hours/minutes and secs til Dongwoon’s feet touch British soil…*checks the D-Day clock*…it goes a little something like this…1WEEK/6DAYS/18HOURS/4MINUTES/37SECONDS…AND COUNTING.

  57. I love United Cube because all their songs are unique and amazing dance songs (which is a plus because I love dancing). The choreography to their songs are catchy and always get me following along.. =)
    Us UK fans have been waiting so long for a concert in the UK so this will make all us UK fans more than happy. Also, CUBE can gain more UK fans and promote their music further in the UK because of this and KPop in general can be promoted. Hopefully this will make other KPop idols come to the UK.. *Dreams* Lol.. Cube Unite coming to the UK can be descibed in 3 words: Dream Come True~! ^0^

  58. It would be a great opportunity to see BEAST,4minute and G.na live in united cube concert because they are a talented and great artists in which have made an astounding popularity across world wide ‘Hallyu Wave’United cube concert would be the first ever kpop concert to be held in UK.The number of kpop fans has increased through out the months and showing that a kpop concert will be held here means that . Although I think kpop artists should have time to rest as they have non stop promotions,concerts and is willing to give up their time for us fans

    It would give me a great chance to be able to see Cube entertainment artists in real life would be an amazing experience.I have been a fan of Cube since Beast debuted because I think they are a talented,great personalities and the most hardworking group that I have looked up to and captivated many hearts of kpop fans,they have showed kpop fans the potential to become the most successful bands that will be able to make music through their hearts,they show a lot of effort through every performance they’ve performed.I have admired their talent skills through music,dancing,singing,acting and their stage presence in which has made more confident within myself.They have inspired me to be able to work hard through life because of how much hardships, effort and soul they have to face and has given up their time to practice all the time in order to show us fans great performances that we will never forget and they have become the most successful kpop group!I am truly grateful that Beast has never given up their dreams , their love of passion for music and dancing, they have continued to be the best artists in the kpop industry. Beast has taught me to never give up my dreams into what i want to be in the future and appreciate the talent that I have. I think Kpop has changed me from top to bottom to think of myself that I’ll be able to achieve the things I want to do in life.I thank BEAST,4MINUTE,G.NA and other cube entertainment Through their amazing choreographies, music they have created ,singing performances as they make us happy whenever were down for example and given kpop fans an inspiration to dance and sing. Cube entertainment artists has never failed to give all their love to us kpop fans. Each group has a range of different talents in which are unexpectedly amazing! I wouldn’t want to miss this concert for anything that this might be the only chance I will be able to see Cube entertainment performed and I would be thankfully grateful if I have the chance to go to the United Cube Concert.

  59. its simple to why i love cube family. i could list so many words but 2 would be sufficient. Freaking awesome! Cube entertainment was the reason me and lover joined together :) we had a great connection due to our love in music and especially, 4 minute and beast! We enjoy listening to G.Na vocals through ost’s and not forget “a bitter day” one of my favourite collabs. We first hitted it off by talking about our tastes in music and since then, our love has blossomed greatly :D though this sounds cheesy… i would greatly love to thank cube for making this beautiful relationship work and even if i don’t win, i will forever be thankful to them. Cube I LIKE YOU THE BEST and i hope this contest isnt FICTION as listening to their MUZIK gets me “Banana” as they are the HOT ISSUE! :)

  60. Because of the Cube concert in London those who won’t have a chance to meet them in Korea (by those, I mean all of us, including me too :3) So we gotta show our appreciation for the opportunity that Cube has given to us!!! Although I won;t make it but I do hope I do, in doing this comment and I do hope you pick me! Please pick me xD {sorry if i sound so desperate)

    I’ve been wanting to see the whole Cube Family in person. I personally think that they are all special in their own ways and each and every members of 4Minute, BEAST including G.Na captured my heart since their debut and I’ve been rooting for the whole Cube family! I want to see them and if I wasn’t as broke and I didn’t have any exams- which starts exactly on the day then I would surely be there for them cheering them on! I didn’t get a chance to go to the SHINee Odeon concert too , so it’ll be a miracle. If only you’ll be willing to give the tickets to someone as deserving as me… hehe >< But I would be happy to accept them and I'll be the most luckiest person to be invited to such astonishing and unmissable concert!
    Wish I can fly so high with the rest of the people going to be going to the UCUBE… And if you are going wish you have a lovely time and enjoy a worthwhile concert and travel to and from the venue safely! I just wish that I won't miss out on this opportunity again! *sighs
    ♪~ You gotta give your love..

    [iknow I responded a few days later so i hope you can still consider my comment *fingerscrossed.]

  61. United cube concert in London? Wow what would that mean a lot for me to go there. Why? Because I would have a chance of seeing 4minute G.NA and ESPECIALLY B2ST ( 1 OF MY FAVOURITE GROUPS I currently am watching Ki Kwang act in Me too, flower he acts so well  ) live for the first time!!! I really like cube entertainment a lot because they have produced amazing artists, so amazing that they now have made the big 3 into the big 4 (yg, sm, jyp and CUBE) By the way not only cube entertainment but also their sub entertainment a cube is amazing!!! Too see K-pop artist spread their music around the world makes me already happy but too have them this close to me that I can see them live without going too South Korea would be a dream coming out for me. It is especially great to see them in a concert in London because it would mean that I would experience there first steps towards the European music industry. Those first steps are in my eyes one of the most important ones as I see K-pop growing much bigger in the near future. So the impact of cube entertainment being the first to have a concert in the UK would be enormous they would set their mark in one of the most known country of Europe.
    I do have to say that the concert in London is also important for me because I can be there in a few hours as I don’t live in England but in THE NETHERLANDS.
    I really want to go to a k-pop concert since I have been a K-pop addict for years now and I finally got permission from my mother to go to London if I win these tickets. So I would love to win them and finally go to a k-pop concert. AND it would not only be my first K-pop concert but my first concert ever.
    + I can use the ticket for a school assignment.
    Even though my family aren’t really K-pop fans winning this concert would mean that (even though I and my sister will go to the concert and I know my sister will be a total fan of K-pop after the concert and finally will understand what I see in it) not only I can go to a K-pop concert but they can have a little break and can see London for the first time and WE REALLY NEED A BREAK things aren’t going as well as it used to be within the family nowadays.
    So winning this concert would mean:
    – my first K-pop concert
    – chance to see B2ST for the first time
    – a little vacation for my family
    – material for my school assignment
    SO PLEASE LET ME WIN <- I know this is a cheap sentence but PLEASE!!!

  62. Following kpop and Cube artists in particular, and monitoring their live performances, has become a part of my daily routine. I’ve been doing it for 4 years now and I’ve witnessed 4Minute’s debut, then Beast’s, and then G.Na’s… So I can’t really put to words the feelings I’d have if I got to see them perform live!

    More than that, it’d be my first kpop concert EVER.

    I’m from Ukraine originally, and just being in London and having a chance to participate in something like this makes me feel great. I hope my short stay in London doesn’t go to waste if I fail to see Cube United! x_x

    Kpop is not just a hobby any more, to a lot of fans who’ve been around for years, it’s a lifestyle already. And I’m planning to keep this lifestyle for years and years to come! (Even when I have a family and kids of my own xD)
    Beast, their music and talent, I’ve seen it grow and develop from the very first days after their debut, and seeing them live would be a dream come true!

    I know all 4minute and Beast dances and I solemnly swear to dance along at the concert if you give me a chance! :D

    Many thanks!

  63. I love United Cube because they produced the amazing group that is Beast! I’d be lying if i said that wasn’t my main reason for wanting to go to the concert. I like 4minute, and i’m not really a fan of G.Na, but i LOVE Beast! Beast is severely underrated (compared to the other idol groups like TVXQ, BIGBANG etc who are also amazing, but Beast needs more recognition) when they have great songs with awesome vocalists, dancers and lyrics. And Kikwang is hot/adorable! it has to be said, (I think i discovered Beast from watching him in My Princess and now i’m watching Me Too, Flower). Fiction was by far the best K-pop song of 2011 yet they are losing badly to SuJu in the MAMA’s (i love them too, but Mr Simple was not in the same league as Fiction). I don’t understand a word of it (i have to read the translation) but even by just listening to it without the translation you can feel the tenderness and emotion behind the lyrics, and Yoseob’s voice is so good on this track. It would be amazing to see them live! It’s been tough recently with college and my granddad being ill and this would be the most amazing breather ever. I was so depressed about missing the SHINee performance but this is even better! It’s a full concert! K-pop has come to London and it had better stay! We need all the other amazing K-pop artists to come too! I’ve never been to a concert and if i, hopefully, win i’m a bit nervous because i’d be going alone (none of my friends understand my obsession with K-pop) and i think i’d feel awkward at first because i’m not really a concert type girl (i’m a muslim), but it wouldn’t matter because as soon as it started i know that seeing Beast live would all be worth it. So yeah, i love Beast so please let me see them. Thanks :)

    1. I’m so dumb! How did I not see that you guys are offering TWO tickets. Great! (well if I win) because I know a girl who loves K-Pop too! I’ve known her for a while but we’ve recently bonded over our love of K-Pop :D Even if I miss this opportunity, i’m hoping it means that the hallyu wave has now come to the UK. Thank you so much United Cube for choosing to hold a concert here!

  64. I think it is definately amazing for Cube to choose to perform in the UK over other countries in Europe, such as France and Germany. Seeing their Ads in the Metro gets me so excited :) They are definately setting the bar for Kpop in London and all of the Kpop to come! :D SHINee was definately a sight to behold, there ticket sales were amazing, and their mini concert for the opening gala of the Korean Film Festival is one of the most popular topics amoungst fans in the UK. However I feel that this Cube concert will excel that! :) They have 2 amazing groups and solo artist to offer, their range of genre and style is something to fit the likes of all Kpop fans around the world. I am positive that fans here will be so supportive of BEAST, 4Minute and G.NA that they will want to come back again and again! Unlike SHINee’s mini concert, Cube has many tickets to offer more fans the chance to come and see them live, I am sure that their popularity will soon skyrocket throughout Great Britain, and maybe even trigger a UK Debut *fingers crossed*. I would love to attend the Cube Concert, but am unable to buy the tickets because they are quite expensive, which is understandable because this is Cubes first concert here. This is the reason for why i would love to win some tickets, being an administrator of a UK based Kpop fangroup called KLUE, I would like the chance to film fancams of the event to share amoungst other fans in the UK, and help spread the word of the Hallyu Wave! Even if I cant attend I hope the Concert is a huge success! BEAST, 4MINUTE AND G.NA FIGHTING! :) x

  65. United cube is full of inspiring artists who have helped me believe and gain more confidence in myself. I have followed cube since it was founded in 2008, it is amazing to see how the artists which are part of cube have grown, matured and become more successful along with cube itself – which should be proud as it has turned the BIG3 into the BIG4 which cube is obviously now a part of =D. I love cube as my favourite artists are part of cube, they’re my role models which inspire me and help me through good and bad times (although they may not know it) with their unique music. (:
    Cube have produced amazing, funny, inspiring and very talented artists who are underrated compared to other Korean singers and bands and it would be an honour to attend the first k-pop concert in the UK with these artists – beast, 4 minute and G.Na – to show UK and the rest of the world how great they really are ^_^
    I, along with many k-pop fans I believe, have been waiting a very long time for the first K-pop concert in the U.K; but I have not been able to buy tickets because of family problems, and I therefore cannot afford the tickets, but if I had the privilege to attend the first (united Cube) K-pop concert in the UK I’d probably be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. It would be amazing to be able to see the artists that I love and that inspire me here in my hometown, and to be able to see them live would be the best feeling in the world. I don’t think words can describe how I’d feel if I was able to go and see Beast, 4minute and G.Na live after only being only able to see them through videos until now.
    Although I’m not lucky with these kinds of things and I never win I will keep my fingers crossed as I have never wanted something so badly in my 18 years that I have been alive. I really hope that I can have the privilege of winning these tickets and giving my best friend an extra early birthday present as she is also a mega huge fan of Cube and she was the reason why I came to like Cube as she was the one who introduced me to K-pop (:
    Thank you for this opportunity (: I <3 cube .

  66. I <3 Cube!
    Especially 4minute is the very first kpop girl group that i have loved! They are strong and cool and good examples for other girls ^^
    It's super brave of Cube Entertainment to hold the first ever kpop concert in London! I hope this will convince other companies to expand over here too! But even if it didn't, UK fans will forever be grateful to Cube for giving us this chance <3

  67. There are so many reasons why I LOVE Cube United, from their amazing songs, catchy dance moves, likeable personalities, captivating looks, what’s not to like?
    The opportunity of finally getting to see Cube United in the UK is like a dream, finally getting to see my favourite bands live at my door step (well, close enough) feels like a once in a lifetime chance and hopefully this is just the start of KPop concerts in the UK!

  68. I love cube because they have got great dancers, people like AJ(Kikwang) and Hyuna. They also have great characters. They all seem easy going and willing to let loose every so often(as shown by the beast dance practice video for Soom,HILARIOUS ^-^). United cube being the first all out kpop concert in the UK might as be a doorway which hopefully leads many other record labels to hold concerts within the UK. It is a great honour to have one of the largest record labels perform and I hope it all goes well. ^_^ United Cube Hwaiting!!!

  69. I Love The WHOLE of the cube Family!<3 They are giving us this opportunity to see them live! and I can't see them and it has actually broken my heart. I have always dreamed of seeing them and now they are comming and i can't get tickets to go, Nobody understands how much it would mean for me to go. I fell inlove with beast when I watched there MV to "Beautiful" then "I like you best". Im in love with ki kwang and Yoseob's cuteness!<3 K-pop isn't just music it has changed my whole life! I now am studying the language and it's become a way of life to me! G.NA Has done so well and on her own, shes Beautiful!!!<33 And 4MINUTE's Hyuna bubble pop! I loved listening it to in the summer! and The whole of 4MINUTE are all talented in there own ways and there dancing is amazing!. Beast are my dream to see Im like there No.1 Uk Fan! And when my mum told me i couldn't go it just made me so angry! And my firend from swindon is going and we came friends just because we have the connection of kpop. UNITED CUBE FIGHTING! This is my only chance to see them and i hate the feeling of it slipping away!

  70. United Cube. United Cube, What’s there not to like? United Cube brings out the best in the Korean music industry. How? United cube specially selected the best of the best artists and transformed them to stars and instead of dictating their superstars (like other labels) United Cube gives their artists the free will to be able to choose what they wish to do. Also B2ST’s recent victory at the Melon Music Award proves that United Cube has raised them well, not only did they win the 2011 ‘Artist Award’ but they were the only artist to bow down on the stage to show their appreciation. United Cube has also raised the hopes of all the UK G.NIs, 4NIAs and Beauties. One of the main reasons I admire United Cube is the fact that they are the first and only company which has considered bringing the Hallyu wave to the U.K. By introducing United Cube not only will they be able to showcase their artists to the UK audience but it would also be an excellent opportunity for them to introduce Korea’s pop culture to the western culture. Although many may say that holding a concert in London may be risky/ unsuccessful, I beg to differ. The United Kingdome is already a multi-cultural country and is home to many different cultures. I feel that K-pop will be welcomed with open arms. I mean who wouldn’t love their perfectly synchronised stunning performances?
    Although the UK is a small island it is a big potential market with a very committed K-pop fan base. As K-pop doesn’t often come to the UK, British fans go to the extreme just to get a glimpse of their favourite Idols, many have often made trips to and from Paris/ America just to watch their Idols perform. Although the fortunate ones are able to travel this far to concerts, not all fans have this opportunity, therefore by introducing K-pop to the UK United Cube will be making hundreds of dreams come true.
    The concert itself will have a big impact on the western community. Western music is infested with negativity and a lot of it promotes violence, drug abuse etc, therefore it negatively influences Britain’s youth, opposed to the Korean culture. Not only is the music outstanding, but so are the artists all the artists have been raised well with manners and self respect. This is exactly what Britain’s youth needs. Good role models. Instead of promoting violence and abuse they promote care and kindness.
    What does the concert mean to me? This concert means a chance to watch my favourite bands live on stage. Just to be in the same arena as them is an honour for me. I’m appreciative to Cube United for giving millions of fans like me the chance to live our dreams. Like many Kpop fans I’ve attempt to follow in their footsteps, I even spend several hours practicing to dance (although I never get it right lol).
    Thank you for your time.
    London awaits CUBE UNITED <3

  71. United Cube have a fantastic selection and variety of vocalists, mix them up and we got United Cube. The 3 groups 4 Minute, G.NA, B2ST.

    4 Minute have a brilliant set up with a brilliant similarity to 2NE1. They are fun, exciting and always enthusiastic in their song – always having a great time and motivating their fans with their music with their sexy moves and voices.

    B2ST are a very innovative boyband – every member have a different characteristic whether its rapping, dancing, good solo’s. Binded together with the popular songs such as Beautiful and Fiction – it’s all worked very well despite each had a varying part to the song, they still add it up well and produce great music which is guarentee to not only please the girls but the guys too.

    G.NA is the BoA of Cube. She is Sexy and has a beautiful voice which captures the ears of many listeners. Her songs show strong emotion and passion in what she believes in and the principles of the song is very strong and outlining. There is no doubt she is a big hitter and is underrated.

    With United Cube’s influence into the first Kpop concert in the UK. It is guarenteed to change the rest of the Korean talent organizations on wanting to realise on how much of a Kpop audience there is hidden in the UK waiting for them to come and visit. I think with this fantastic opportunity, many of the Kpop fans will get to know United Cube more such as myself and begin to like them alot for what they have and for what they stand for in the Kpop music industry.

    Waiting for you United CUBE! Nan Neul Salanghae :)

    Thanks Kpopconcerts.com

  72. With the explosion of Kpop all over the world. I applaud United Cube for being the first accessible Kpop concert in London. 4minute are my favourite, favourite Kpop group, and their songs help me get through tough times. Hugely upbeat and fantastic songs like ‘Hot Issue’, ‘FIRST’, ‘What a Girl Wants’ and ‘Huh’ have been getting me through work days by pumping me up in the morning.

    They are also huge inspirations to me, working so hard to bring fantastic vocals and perfect dances to every song and video clip. To have the courage to perform in a country where you don’t speak the language is something that I am sure all Kpop fans appreciate greatly.

    B2ST are a great band and ‘Fiction’ is constantly in my head. Usually listening to girl groups more than boy ones, I found myself listening to them a huge amount. Their smooth voices and flawless performances are surely going to be something that the UK Kpop fanbase is going to be waiting with pensive excitement, including me!

    G.NA is an incredible performer, and her ballads sail through the speakers to my ears with such a clarity. She is a fantastic soloist, and I especially love her song ‘Top Girl’

    This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don’t want to miss out on the excitement of seeing these amazing acts live and up close. I would buy tickets right now if I could, but it is very expensive and I don’t make much money. I would be so grateful for a chance to not only see these wonderful singers and dancers live, but to also meet other Kpop fans and perhaps make new friends.

  73. I LOVE Cube for multiple reasons! This entertainment industry has all of my favourite artists in it, especially B2ST and G.Na. I love how all their artists can pull of many concepts from cute to sexy. I am a very big fan of B2ST and it’d be such an awesome gift to win tickets to see them in person as the tickets are a bit pricey otherwise I would’ve had no hesitation and buy them!
    The impact of them being the first KPOP concert in UK will be a massive hit. This is the first official big concert in the UK and this is bound to influence the other big entertainment industries and hopefully, the UK will get more concerts to treat our KPOP fans.
    I would absolutely love it if you picked me! I would give the other ticket to my best friend as her birthday is on the 5th too and this would be an awesome gift. ^_^
    Thank you for holding such a great competition!

  74. I think CUBE are brilliant, because they may not have such a well-known name such as SM Town, but the talent that has come out of SM Town outstrips any other K-Pop band I know. B2ST have such a fresh voice, and they all have immpeccable talent. Similarly, 4Minute are one of the few girl groups that have managed to distinguish themselves. Their album ‘For Muzik’ made them one of the most popular girl groups, and it has so many catchy songs!
    I think that CUBE being the first company to have a big concert in the UK will be a giant milestone for them, and may cause the likes of B2ST and 4Minute to be more popular in the UK. It will certainly place them on the UK map!

  75. Cubes amazing
    i’ve never properly seen a celebrity before , you guys may be thinking nooo 0.o , it’s trueee , i would love to take this opportunity to be able to see the concert of kpop artists who i adore :3, i’ve always been unlucky to be able to win anything at all :3

  76. As the very first complete K-pop concert, I would really like to enjoy their tremendous charm on the stage! I’ve seen many other lives before and they always amazed me, which totally surpass what clips on the screen can bring people! I only watch them (the Cube family) on the videos so this time, it would be a great opportunity to see them in person and experience their power!!! For instance, G.na is a great solo singer with dancing ability, which is rare nowadays since there are more groups in the current Korean entertainment industry. Beast has won lots of awards! They just deserve it since their fresh image and attracting talent are worthy of attention! As for 4 Minute, they can both be cute and sexy at the same time. I’m very impressed by their remix performances! In short, all of their songs with the awesome choreography and their performances both onstage and offstage are totally appealing :)

    This concert is officially announcing that the strong impact of Korean Wave is spreading in the UK after the prelude of “SHINee in London” show few weeks ago. Wish this concert a great success since it’s an important beginning. Other Korean performers and companies are also waiting for the result and its influence afterwards. All we K-pop fans are expected to support them and show our love since we want more stars to come and more people to enjoy K-pop and get involve!!! Fighting!!! :D

  77. theres not much needed to be said k pop has literally become part of my life. it doesn’t matter if i don’t win but thank united cube for coming to england!!!

  78. United Cube are a tremendous part of K-pop! B2ST, G.NA and 4minute are one of the most talented and successful artists of the industry, each making their own name to go down in history! So as a K-pop fan in general, the concept of these acclaimed artists coming to the UK is so refreshing and exciting! More so, this shows that they actually acknowledge the respect and dedication which British K-pop fans have for them, so the gesture is really touching, and genuinely makes me feel special as a fan, and i know i don’t just speak for myself! :) Regardless of of any K-pop artist who holds and event in the UK, I will feel privileged and honored that we’re lucky to have gotten that opportunity and I will embrace it if I can :) United Cube being the first to hold a concert here, is simply enlightening, and I can only base purely on the experience to come from this concert; they won’t be disappointed about the love and support from the UK, whereby we can only expect more K-pop artists to be encouraged by this :) United Cube Hwaiting!!! :D

  79. Being the first Kpop concert in London they will definitely be a gateway for other kpop groups to come over. They will also show the rest of Korea how fans in the UK are and that will surely motivate others to come too. Cube coming also disproves that on Korea’s map the UK does not exist

  80. To stand out I think I should write a very simple comment about United Cube concert. Fabulous,Intriguing,team work. Teamwork is the key for all K-pop stars. Without this groups would not be organized. This is what I like about Korean Boy/Girl groups.

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