So SHINee are BACK! Well, back at least, in Japan. After already releasing Japanese re-makes Juliette, Replay, Hello, Lucifer, Juliette and Love Like Oxygen, and of course their first originally Japanese song: Kiss Kiss Kiss, the 5 shining members of SHINee are set to release their first fully Japanese album, named “The First” (cute!). The tracklist has been released, and so have many of the songs. EMI Music Japan (their Japanese label) have released snippets/ringtones of some of the new songs on various Japanese download sites. For those of us who aren’t Japanese, there’s always Youtube…

The album will be released on the 7th December 2011. Most sites who stock this album have already sold out of the “THE FIRST (CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET+MP3 PLAYER PLAYBUTTON+CALENDER) costing around ¥6,000 (£50)


02. Amigo
05. To Your Heart
06. Always Love
07. Replay -Kimi wa Boku no everything-
09. Love Like Oxygen
10. Hello
11. The SHINee World
12. Seesaw
13. Stranger (Bonus Track)


SHINee are set to make their KOREAN comeback early 2012 – with the title “Superhero”… oooh…

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