U-Kiss to hold a concert in the UK

It is being reported that U-Kiss is set to hold an exclusive concert in the UK.

NH Media, U-Kiss’ agency, said that the BBC News reported on the group holding their exclusive concert in Peru on November 2 (local time). They have been currently getting a lot more offers to perform.

NH Media spokesperson said, “U-Kiss is currently arranging their schedule to hold an exclusive concert in Litch Field, UK.”

“Hallyu has been popular only in Asia so far but now it has spread all over the world through social network services like YouTube. Since U-Kiss members are good at speaking foreign languages and have over 100,000 fans abroad. The group will lead Hallyu in Asia, South America, and Europe.”

U-Kiss are planning to play more concerts in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia for the first time early next year.

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Source: Star News

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