U-Kiss Make Their Mark on Peru in Front of 7,000 Fans

U-KISS held what can only be described as a successsful concert in Peru on November 1. U-KISS’ AJ, Soohyun, Hoon, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, and Dongho performed in front of over 7,000 fans.

U-KISS stayed in Peru for three days receiving much attention from local media and even a talk show interview.

Previous to U-KISS, JYJ had held a concert in Peru making U-KISS the second Korean artist to have played in Peru.

The group started their tour in Columbia, performing at a rock festival in May.

U-KISS’ agency said, “We don’t think of South American market as a one-time issue. Starting with Peru, we are planning and adjusting our promotion schedule in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia. We will be the first Korean artist to tour around five countries of South America.”

U-KISS have now returned to Korea and are preparing for the release of their Japanese single due to be in December.



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