tripleS Debuts 5th Subunit, EVOLution, with their Album, ⟡(Mujuk)

“It’s been about 9 months since I was revealed as S11 of tripleS, and finally, I am debuting as a member of EVOLution. Most of all, I want to share my gratitude for WAV who have been waiting for so long. Even though this is my debut, some members are coming back with this album. Therefore, I got a lot of help from them while preparing for this album and I’m truly thankful for their support. I’m very excited to promote with such cool members who are unbreakable just like diamonds, and we’re ready to show our versatility to the world! Thank you!” 

– Kotone, member of tripleS EVOLution

tripleS EVOLution has finally made their debut as a submit with the release of their first mini-album ⟡(Mujuk). The members for this sub-group were selected by the fans through an online event through the Cosmo : the Gate app.

“Hello, I’m YeonJi, the youngest member of EVOLution and the 12th member of tripleS! I only met WAV through SIGNAL so far, but now I can actually meet them on the stage and I’m very excited about it! The whole process of music video shoot or jacket photo shoot was very new to me so I felt various emotions at the same time, such as unfamiliar, nervous, and excited. However, I think we all grew stronger during that process because we helped each other, shared feedback, and worked hard on this album together. Please look forward to our future activities, and I can’t wait to meet you on the stage. I hope you enjoy EVOLution’s music and give lots of love to EVOLution!” 

– YeonJi, member of tripleS EVOLution

Like the symbol found in the title, this album is meant to embody a diamond. ⟡(Mujuk) has eight tracks in total including the title track, “Invincible” which further dives into the concept by sharing how unbreakable the members are against all obstacles. For this album, EVOLution worked with a variety of composers and producers but largely worked with MonoTree’s music production team on five of the tracks. MonoTree is known for their work with other major artists such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and more. 


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