The Rose Gifts Heartfelt “Black Rose” Single to Fans

On August 24, The Rose released their emotional new single, “Black Rose.”

“Black Rose” is a heartfelt rock ballad that depicts how The Rose overcame their hardships hardships thanks to the unwavering support and dedication from their fan base, the Black Rose. It was a gift to the fans in celebration of the band’s three year anniversary. From self-taken video of the bandmates’ adventures to captured moments taken by Black Roses who attended their concerts, the music video shows the moments that members Sammy, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong treasured the most. 

“Black Rose” serves as a personal, open-letter to the fans, thanking them for their support during all their ups-and-downs and not to worry about them. It became like a security blanket for the fans, giving comfort and warmth, assurance to fans who were anxious about The Rose’s future. 

In their three year anniversary post on the band’s new Instagram account, the group wrote: “With every journey there is a detour or a resting period. We think with the members going to the army, now is the right time for us to just sit where ever we are and enjoy the view that we were not able to see while moving forward. There are things we can learn and experience only when we stop and take the time to appreciate. We really hope that we can come out of this and tell you guys all about our experiences. 

“Black Rose” is the first single released since Dojoon enlisted into the military in early July. In a handwritten letter posted on his official Instagram account, Dojoon addressed their fans, “I sincerely thank every single one of you again for making me possible to embrace our beautiful memories together and cherish every minute and every second with our Black Rose.

Earlier this year, The Rose filed a lawsuit against their management company, J & STAR Company, to terminate their exclusive contracts due to mismanagement, unpaid wages, and more. Although no official updates have been released, all of the members unfollowed their band’s former social media account and created a new one under the name “The Rose Sound.” The members were also credited as the sole writers and producers of the new single.

UPDATE (as of 8/25/2020): As a final expression of their utmost gratitude to their fans, The Rose gave the Black Rose fanbase full rights of the “Black Rose” song recording copyright, as shown on the single’s Spotify page.

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