K-Pop Rookie boy band, CRAVITY, continue breaking into the music scene with their 2nd album CRAVITY SEASON2 “HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO.”’ 

The group name, CRAVITY, is derived from “Creativity” and “Gravity” and is also an acronym for “Center of Gravity,” which is meant to attract/gravitate listeners into their unique universe, by pulling them in with their creativity, charm, and pure talent. Consisting of nine members – Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung and Seongmin – CRAVITY has garnered the title of “Super Rookie” due to the success of their debut album. The album also hit #1 on US iTunes Top K-Pop Albums Chart, making them the first K-Pop rookie group that debuted in 2020 to do so. The album’s title track, “Flame” is an intense urban hip hop track infused with a pop melody suitable for a hot summer release.

Consisting of seven songs – “Flame,” “Believer,” “Ohh Ahh,” “Realize,” “열기구,” “Sunrise,” and “호흡(Breathing)” – the album explores several genres such as pop, R&B, ballad, funk, and more. Rappers Serim and Allen both participated in the songwriting for both “Believer” and “Realize.” Within this new album, the nine members are awed at the new experiences they go through and the processes within that came with their debut back in April. Their burning passion urges them to push forward, but a slight feeling of anxiety coexists and seems to hold them back. Regardless, they seem to even be enjoying these anxieties, and look forward to discovering more of the unknown world that they yet to venture into. Through the new album, CRAVITY plans to share their feelings as they mature with their audience. This summer, CRAVITY sings with passion that resembles a burning flame.

CRAVITY, who expressed their desire to break the rules that the society set for them in their debut album, strives to embrace the freedom and go further to test their own limits. “‘Flame’ is a song about our burning passion and desire to test our limits, so that we may push further and realize our dreams,” said Allen in the group’s interview with iHeart Radio. “We hope our fans LUVITY are able to see a more mature side to us through this album.”

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