Teentop recently tweeted about their live broadcast scheduled today about their new comeback. They are to perform their new track ‘ Going crazy’ and have expressed their excitement and nerves.

생방송 임박!!! 긴장하며 기다리는 우리 틴탑 멤버들~~~ 이번엔 이미지변신 200%!!! 강한남자로 돌아왔다는데…오늘은 어떤 아찔한 매력을 보여줄지 기대해주세요^^

[TRANS] @MnetWIDE Approaching live broadcast!!! Our TEEN TOP members are awaiting nervously~~~ This time round their image transformation os 200%!!! They are back as strong men…What kind of charms will they show us today look forward to it^^

Please anticipate their hottest new track ‘ Going crazy’ and their performance stage on MNETCountdown today!
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