Teen Top Reveals Niel and Changjo Teaser Photo For August Comeback

After having only recently concluded promotions for their 3rd mini album, ‘Artist’, with the track ‘To You’, Teen Top announced through an episode of ‘Teen Top ON AIR’ on their YouTube channel that they would be making yet another comeback only one or two weeks after concluding ‘To You’ promotions. The teaser photo they have released for their comeback is of members Niel and Changjo:


The photo reveals a fresh image of the two members, maknae Changjo boasting manly abs, contrary to his maknae status, whilst Niel is more conservative, revealing just a glimpse of his abdomen, teasing fans.

Along with the photos, there is only the caption “I wanna love you all day…” adding mystery to the group’s comeback.

For those of you who haven’t seen the group’s ‘Teen Top ON AIR’ video, you can watch it here, with English subtitles:

What do you think about Teen Top making such a quick return?




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