Teen Top C.A.P criticised by fans after claims he would ‘beat’ his future daughter


With Teen Top’s strong comeback following the release of single ‘Crazy’, and a bold, more mature image for the band, it seems that they cannot escape the eagle eyes, or ears, of their fans.

In a recent interview on Mnet Wide Open Studio, the boys talked about their schedule, gave facts about themselves, as well as carrying out the common ‘brain diagrams’ which many idols have drawn up during other television broadcasts.
It was during the interview, whilst talking about the future, that Teen Top’s Charisma Rapper, Bang Minsoo, aka C.A.P, revealed his desire to be a father when he is older. When questioned further, he stated that he would be a ‘cool‘ father. If he had a son, he would ‘give him everything he wanted‘, whereas if he had a daughter, that he would ‘beat her, and not let her go outside‘. This rather violent suggestion prompted calls of ‘Why!‘ from the rest of the band members, and C.A.P quickly assured them that it was because ‘it is dangerous outside for girls‘.

The 19 year old’s choice of words immediately struck a controversial chord with the band’s fans, Angels, some even going as far as denouncing their respect for Teen Top as a whole, including calls to have him removed from the lineup. The fan community is now divided over the meaning of his answer, with non-Korean speakers unable to understand if it has all been a simple translation error.
One Korean fan said, “The way it was worded, I think that he meant to say that he would make sure his daughter is strong-minded, and knew how to handle herself. Not at all that he would physically harm her, to gain obedience.
[ad#GA-468-tx-NT] Many of Teen Top’s fans are in the 13-20 age bracket, meaning that a lot of younger audience members have taken his words to heart, especially as non-Korean speakers rely on fan-based translations to view Teen Top’s interviews.

C.A.P has admitted in previous interviews that he is a nervous public speaker, and perhaps this may just be a ‘slip of the tongue’. Even so, it has not come at the best of times, as Teen Top are currently in the middle of promotions for their 2nd mini album, ‘It’s’.

It is an unwelcome backlash for the band from their fanbase, and only time will tell if Teen Top’s popularity, particularly internationally, will be affected. Those that have defended C.A.P’s words as a misunderstanding, have been met with anger and frustration by others. With many fans calling it ‘disgusting‘, ‘awful‘ and claiming that they are ‘disappointed in him‘, there may be a chance that an official apology will be released by TOP Media following the incident.

Whilst the rapper may not have a handle on his interview technique, it can be assumed that he meant no offence with his honest replies about his desires to protect his future children from the outside world.

The interview can be seen in full, without subtitles, below. (C.A.P’s questions beginning just before 17:00)

Read C.A.P’s apology that was published on Teen Top’s official website Teen Top’s C.A.P apologises for his comments


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  1. Hi I was the translator for TEEN TOP’s Mnet Open Studio Talk interview, nglkt.

    I will not attempt to argue the right and wrong because my opinion has no weight in this issue. Personally, in my culture, punishing kids is a must to discipline them. Of course this may be deemed unacceptable and a form of domestic abuse in other cultures.

    However, what I would like to comment is your choice of words in the article, which is completely different from what was expressed in the video. TEEN TOP’s C.A.P definitely did not imply the intensity of ‘beat’ and it has become a case of distortion of truth in your article.

    I hope that as an influential and informative kpop news website, instead of being controversial, you’ll be able to communicate truth and the intended message of the kpop stars.

    Thank you and I wish you a nice day ahead.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment.
      I apologise if my article has offended you in any way. Whilst researching it, I was working mainly with the fan’s opinions to base my writing on. The point I was trying to convey, was that the fans have interpreted the words themselves as ‘beat’ etc, and not that the direct translation from the video holds that meaning.
      I am sorry if the format of the articles has led to any confusion, and appreciate your response.

  2. I kind of don’t know how to react to this situation. I know for sure as a teenage girl that I don’t like the words that came out of his mouth and that my opinion on CAP will change but I will still support Teen Top’s music and Teen Top altogether.

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